Bioprotect for iOS 9 – Protect your apps via Touch ID

Ever thought if it is possible to protect selective apps in your iPhone with TouchID? With bioprotect for iOS 9, you can now protect any apps of your choice with TouchID scanner.

Developers of Bioprotect recently updated the tweak for iOS 9 and now you can protect almost any apps in your iPhone with touch ID. Bioprotect for iOS 9 also adds aa awesome looking animation to the protection screen.

Bioprotect for iOS 9

This tweak comes really handy specially while using apps like PayPal. Apple already does good job protecting appstore purchases and in-app purchases with password, but apps like Facebook, twitter, Instagram doesn’t include any protection. Bioprotect for iOS 9 helps you protect these apps.bioprotect for ios 9

Get Bioprotect for iOS 9

Bioprotect for iOS 9 is available for free in HackYouriPhone official repo. Just search for bioprotect and it should pop right up.

The best thing about Bioprotect for iOS 9 is that no matter from where you launch the protected app i.e from notification, Lock Screen etc, BioProtect provides full biometric protection via TouchID.

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