Get 3D Touch on Older iPhones – Force Touch Activator

This new tweak mimics force touch on older iPhones. Toady I wanna talk about Force touch Activator. This is a tweak that mimics force Touch on older hardware without pressure sensitive screens. It is called Force touch activator.

It’s for iOS 8 and above and it triggers an activator Event by sensing the changes in Finger size, Radius and Touch Density. So basically when you press on your screen, you can tell if you want to mimic the 3d touch by how much of your finger’s actually pressed against the display.

So when you install Force Touch activator, you need to go into activator’s preferences. There you can assign one action that will occur when you mimic a force or 3d touch on your home screen. Or anywhere else within the interface for that matter.

So if you actually roll your finger, it’s much easier to make this thing work. Because obviously the radius of your finger is more apparent or the changes in radius is more apparent when you roll your finger.

Note: This tweak just mimics the 3D touch and doesn’t work like 3D Touch on new iPhones.

Even though older hardware lacks a pressure sensitive screen, this tweak is able to work. Because it senses how much of your finger is actually touching the display. When you press firmly obviously more of your fingers touching the display. So folks that is forced touch activator and you can get it at BigBoss repo. Let me know what you guys think in the comments section below. Keep visiting our site for more exciting iOS guides and tweaks.

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  1. Okay, so, does this make live wallpapers work on older iPhones running iOS 12?

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