Convert any .deb into .ipa file for sideloading – Windows

A lot of times we want to install cydia apps in our iPhone or iPad and we are all set up with our computer and lightning cable but then we find out that the cydia app we want to sideload is a .deb file. Wouldn’t it be a lot easier if there was a way to convert .deb files into .ipa files? on windows? So that we can sideload them and install then on our iDevices without needing to jailbreak?

Well, today I will show you how to convert any .deb cydia tweak into .ipa file so that you can easily sideload them onto your iPhones, iPads and iPods. Before I begin what you should do to convert .deb to .ipa, I will like to inform you guys that you can not convert every .deb file into .ipa file.

There are a lot of cydia tweaks that rely on cydia substrate, which essentially is a framework that allow cydia tweaks to run without any issues. For that you need jailbreak. But if you want to convert a cydia app which runs without cydia substrate, like Gameboy, NES Emulators and Kodi, then you can use this guide. Let me repeat, Cydia Tweaks and Cydia Apps are two different things. You can convert cydia apps into ipa files but not Cydia tweaks.

Convert .deb file into .ipa to sideload

You will need a computer and a couple of tools that will help you in the process of conversion. I will be using a Windows Computer but if you have Mac or Linux, you can do it with essentially the same steps.

  • You will need to download a unarchiver program in your computer. I use 7zip which is an awesome¬†piece of open-source program that you can download from here.
  • You will also need to have the .deb cydia app downloaded on to your computer. I am converting Kodi 16.1 jarvis deb file into .ipa file so I can get it from kodi website. You have to find deb file of the app you want to convert yourself.


  1. Save the .deb file in a folder and Right Click it. Select 7-zip and click Extract Files in the next menu.Convert .deb file into .ipa file on windows pc
  2. Now click OK on the next window and it will start extracting the contents on .deb file.Convert .deb file into .ipa file on windows pc
  3. Open the resulting Folder and you will find data.tar file inside. Simply extract data.tar file with Right Click > 7-zip > Extract Files.Convert .deb file into .ipa file on windows pc
  4. Now you should have data folder and data.tar file in the folder. As shown in the image below.Convert .deb file into .ipa file on windows pc
  5. Go inside the data folder and now open Applications folder. Here you will find a folder ending with .app name. As I have folder in the image attached below.Convert .deb file into .ipa file on windows pc
  6. Here I want you to create a new folder and name it “Payload” without quotes. Now you should have 2 folders. Payload and .app folder. Make sure that the P is capital as shown below.Convert .deb file into .ipa file on windows pc
  7. Now simply drag the .app folder and drop it on top of the Payload folder.Convert .deb file into .ipa file on windows pc
  8. Next you have to Right-click the payload folder and Click 7-zip > Add to archive option.Convert .deb file into .ipa file on windows pc
  9. A new window will pop up. Here you have to make sure that the Archive format is set to zip and name the archive ending with .ipa . The name doesn’t matter, just make sure that it ends with .ipa as shown below. After that click OK.Convert .deb file into .ipa file on windows pc
  10. It will start making the archive and you will find your ipa file inside the same folder.

Video tutorial:

Congrats you have successfully converted .deb cydia app into .ipa file. Now you can go ahead and sideload it using XCode or other means. Just keep in mind that you can’t sideload it using ifunbox and similar programs because it is not signed ipa file. You can install it if you have AppSync installed in your iPhone or you can sign it using your own Apple ID and then sideload it.

I hope that you found this quick tutorial helpful, make sure to share it with your friends and help them convert .deb files into .ipa files. Also follow us on twitter for more upcoming tutorials.

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  1. paul jolly says:

    I successfully did this for kodi .deb . I’m trying to do this for pokemongo latest hacked version deb from cydia but it does not have an applications folder

    it has

    1. That is because that is a tweak. This only works for cydia apps. Not for tweaks.

  2. I may be missing something here and am trying this on Mac computer as well. I already have a .deb file for the Kodi build I want to use from the Kodi site. The same .deb files that I have already converted with Xcode and appsigner side-loaded, but have to reload every 7 days unless I want pay for an Apple developer account. None of the .deb files are archived, so how can I extract them after only dropping them into a new folder on my desktop?
    Thank you.

  3. Struggling to make this work. I get to the step where the .app folder is supposed to be dragged into the Payload folder. I’m unable to drag or move the folders. Any solution for this? I’m working with a windows machine.

    1. Thats weird. You can also right click the .app folder and select copy. Then right-click on the Paypload folder and select paste.

  4. Is any Way Get Kodi 17 For Ipad Somewhere

  5. I’ve been using this technique to get Kodi on my iPad Mini 2 for a few months and although its inconvenient having to reload it every week, it has been working well until recently. One week ago this worked fine but today I tried to load kodi onto my device again and Cydia Impactor gave me the error:
    Peer certification cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates
    SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain”
    I have tried other copy’s of the kodi ipa but none work. Do you know of a solution to fix this?

  6. Bro is it work for xmod? Please reply me thx

  7. so what happen with application that need to work with other folder. like ssr and library. ipa file create with only (.app) folder. even I try to move Info.plist file inside Payload folder (to make application run correctly with other folder) it still give error when instaling app. is there any other way? application wont run correctly without other folder in position. Thanks

  8. So I’ve gotten as far as step 5 but there’s no .app folder (only Library, usr and var), Anyone have any idea how I proceed? Thanks

    1. Which Cydia app deb file you are converting to ipa? Remember, this method only works for Cydia APPs, DOES NOT WORK FOR TWEAKS.

  9. i try this with NGX Play but there are more then the Data Folder and the installation will be not complete.

    1. Hello Chris,

      NGX Play is a Cydia tweak and as I mentioned in the tutorial, this method only works for Cydia Apps and Does not work for Cydia Tweaks. Because Tweaks require access to the root of the iPhone which is only possible via jailbreak.

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