Ultimate Cydia Alternative for iOS 12 – Tweaked Apps & Games on iPhone for Free

A couple of weeks ago, we covered some of the best Cydia alternatives that you can install on your iPhone without Jailbreak. Some of these 3rd party App stores have the best Hacked games collection, while the other have good collection of tweaked paid apps for free. Sometimes it can get very confusing to find the app you are looking for, when you don’t know which Cydia alternative has it. Well, CyrusHub is trying to fix this problem by combining some of the best Cydia alternatives inside a single app. Let’s take a look at it and see how we can install it on our iPhone.

Ultimate Cydia Alternative for iOS 12 without jailbreak

Ultimate Cydia Alternative for iOS 12

Before I show you what features CyrusHub has and how you can get it on your iPhone for free, let me get this out of the way that this is our own opinion. We were not sponsored by CyrusHub.

Features of CyrusHub

The app we are talking about, actually has very little to do with it’s features. I know it sounds weird but the CyrusHub is acting more like a conjunction of Tweakbox, Ignition and AppValley. Now if you have been installing hacked games & paid apps on your iPhone for free , you will that these are among the best Cydia Alternatives you can get.

Basically, you can install CyrusHub on your iPhone running iOS 12, and now you can get Paid apps and Games, Hacked Games, Tweaked Apps, Emulators, Entertainment Apps, and Themes on your iPhone. All that for free and without Jailbreak.

How to install it?

  1. First of all, open Settings and navigate to the Safari settings. Here you will need to clear the history and website data. This step is not required but I would recommend it for smooth installation.
  2. Now open this link in the Safari browser on your iPhone. You can also type it in, if you are not reading this on your iPhone.
  3. Next, press the Install CyrusHub button and it will ask you for the permission to open Settings. Click Allow and it will take you to your iPhone settings. This is the profile installation process.
  4. Simply press the install button, from the top of the display, and install again. If you have a screen lock passcode setup, it will ask you to enter that while installing the profile. Enter your screen lock passcode and then press Done to complete the installation.
  5. Now you will be back inside the Safari app, simply go back to the home screen, and open the CyrusHub app.
  6. You can now navigate through the app store and find the app that you would like to install on your iPhone. When you will app the app page, it will show you 3 sources that you can install it from. Select any one of these and a pop-up will appear.
  7. Press install and the Installation will start. Go back to the home screen and you can see the installation progress. If the download gets stuck at ‘Waiting’, just press the icon once to jump start the download.
  8. After the download is complete, you will probably need to trust the developer certificate for the app. This is a standard 3rd-party app setup on all iOS devices. Open Settings and Navigate to the General section. Open the Profiles & Device Management option and trust the developer certificate which has your app inside it.

Video walkthrough:


Video credits: iReviews

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