Surfshark Review: Best Travel VPN

Best VPN for Travel: Why SurfShark VPN is Your Best Travel Companion

When it comes to traveling, you need a reliable companion to ensure your cyber safety. Especially in an era where digital security is paramount, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) becomes an essential tool in your tech kit. It shields your online presence, safeguards your sensitive data, and provides unrestricted access to your favorite content globally. But the question is, what is the best VPN for travel? Today, we are going to compare several VPN services and explain why SurfShark VPN is the unrivaled choice for your traveling needs.

VPN services come in all shapes and sizes. Some are ideal for specific platforms, while others are designed for broad usability. A VPN should possess certain qualities to stand out as a travel-friendly tool: robust security, no-logs policy, extensive server network, excellent speed, ability to bypass geo-restrictions, and compatibility across multiple devices and platforms.

Several popular VPNs such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and CyberGhost are often the go-to choices for many users. ExpressVPN is recognized for its fast speeds and security, while NordVPN is appreciated for its vast server network. CyberGhost, on the other hand, is known for its user-friendly interface and the ability to bypass geo-blocks.

But there’s one player that outshines them all when it comes to offering a perfect blend of all these features – SurfShark VPN.

Why SurfShark is the Best VPN for travel?

SurfShark VPN stands tall amongst its competitors for various reasons. Here’s why:

Robust Security:

SurfShark VPN utilizes top-tier AES-256-GCM encryption to protect your data from potential threats. It includes a clean web feature that blocks malware, phishing attempts, and intrusive ads, thus ensuring you can browse securely anywhere in the world.

No-Logs Policy:

Your privacy is SurfShark’s priority. Adhering to a strict no-logs policy, SurfShark VPN does not store any identifiable information about its users, ensuring your online activities remain yours alone.

Unlimited Devices:

While most VPNs limit the number of devices you can connect simultaneously, SurfShark does not impose any such restrictions. This makes it an excellent choice for families or individuals with multiple devices, as you can protect all your devices under one subscription.

Global Coverage:

With over 3200 servers across 65 countries, SurfShark ensures you can always find a reliable and fast connection, no matter where you are traveling.

Bypassing Geo-restrictions:

SurfShark is adept at bypassing geo-restrictions, allowing you to access your favorite content from anywhere in the world. Whether it’s Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, or any other service, SurfShark ensures uninterrupted entertainment for you.

Multi-Platform Compatibility:

Whether you’re a Mac, Windows, Android, or iPhone user, SurfShark VPN has got you covered. The VPN offers seamless compatibility with these platforms, ensuring secure and efficient service regardless of your device or operating system.

Taking all these factors into account, it becomes evident why SurfShark VPN is the best choice for travel, not to mention its general versatility across devices and operating systems. Its robust security features, combined with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive coverage, make it the ideal VPN for any tech-savvy traveler.

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Travel the world without worrying about your digital safety. Trust SurfShark VPN – your best travel companion.

Please note that the performance of a VPN can depend on many factors, including your location, the specific server you connect to, your device, and more. Always choose a VPN that best suits your individual needs.

In-depth Features of SurfShark VPN

The superiority of SurfShark isn’t just about its extensive coverage and top-tier encryption; it lies within the in-depth features that it offers. Let’s delve deeper into what makes SurfShark VPN a superior choice.


Also known as split tunneling, this feature allows you to choose which applications use the VPN and which do not. This is particularly handy if you need to access both local and international content simultaneously.

Camouflage Mode:

Ever concerned that your ISP is tracking your online activities? SurfShark’s Camouflage Mode makes your VPN usage invisible, ensuring your browsing stays private even from your ISP.

Kill Switch:

This is a crucial security feature that protects your data from being exposed if your VPN connection drops unexpectedly. It will immediately cut your internet connection until the VPN connection is restored.


This feature allows you to connect via multiple countries at once to further obscure your online footprint. A fantastic tool for the privacy-centric user.

NoBorders Mode:

Some regions impose severe restrictions on internet access. NoBorders Mode allows you to overcome these and use the internet freely, making it perfect for those traveling to countries with strict internet censorship.

Unlimited Simultaneous Connections:

Whether you’re a digital nomad with an array of devices or a family with multiple internet users, SurfShark VPN does not limit the number of simultaneous connections. This is quite uncommon amongst most VPN services and speaks volumes about SurfShark’s customer-centric approach.

24/7 Customer Support:

Problems can occur at any time. SurfShark’s round-the-clock customer support ensures you’re never left in the lurch. Whether you need troubleshooting advice or have any queries, you’re always covered.

SurfShark VPN – A Cross-Platform Champion

The technological world is richly diverse, with users favoring different platforms and devices. Here’s why SurfShark is an optimal choice for Mac, Windows, Android, and iPhone users.

For Mac:

Mac users will appreciate the clean, intuitive interface of SurfShark VPN. It’s easy to use and doesn’t affect system performance. Besides, the VPN’s compatibility with macOS ensures that your online security is never compromised.

For Windows:

Windows users will find that SurfShark VPN integrates seamlessly with their operating system. It provides robust security, fast connectivity, and can bypass stringent firewalls, making it a top pick for Windows users.

For Android:

With a sleek and user-friendly app available on Google Play, Android users can easily take advantage of SurfShark’s features. It’s straightforward to use, doesn’t drain the battery, and provides the same level of protection as it does on desktop platforms.

For iPhone:

Available on the App Store, SurfShark’s iOS app offers the same robust protection to iPhone users as it does to its desktop counterparts. It’s easy to set up and use, ensuring you stay protected no matter where you are.

The Verdict

With all these features, it’s clear why SurfShark stands tall among its competitors. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or a casual internet user, privacy, and security should never be compromised. SurfShark VPN ticks all the boxes when it comes to a reliable, feature-packed VPN service. Its strong encryption, no-logs policy, ability to bypass geo-restrictions, extensive server network, and multi-platform compatibility make it the ultimate choice for any user.

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Best VPN for Travel

Remember, a VPN isn’t just a tool; it’s a companion for your online journey. Trust SurfShark VPN – your best travel companion. Secure your digital life with SurfShark VPN today. Your online security is just a click away!

Best VPN for Travel: SurfShark VPN $1.99
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