Bitdefender vs avast

Bitdefender vs Avast: Which one is the best?

We are living in the world where internet is a pretty common thing. There are a lot of people around the globe that regularly browse the World Wide Web for various purposes. Sadly, where it brings us many benefits, the malware attacks and stealing of information is also common. Hackers and spammers are sitting throughout the world, and they are always looking to create viruses that somehow brings them the money that does not belong to them. Looking at that, the antiviruses are introduced to the world, to prevent the attacks. They detect any faulty activity, and they bring it to the notice of the owner of PC. Among common antiviruses, we have the avast and Bitdefender. These are two of the top-notch antivirus software. Here, we will do Bitdefender vs Avast to figure out which one is better.

What is antivirus?

Bitdefender vs avast

An antivirus is a software that detects the viruses and suspicious activities from your computer and keeps the threats away from you. There are a lot of different software available to you that promise to detect all the viruses and keep your files safe and secure. However, the average protection count is 97%.

The software does not only keep your system files secure but also allows you to have secure web browsing. The internet is full of malware, and there are several security threats that you face while surfing the web. To overcome them and to keep them away from your website, you can install the antivirus that comes with safe web browsing feature. This will warn you whenever you are browsing a malicious site. Along with the warning, it may cause the site to snap and keeps the threat away from you. Moreover, many software comes with gaming mode and other profiles to allow your PC to perform better.

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Bitdefender vs avast 2018

The Bitdefender is an award-winning software and has the Gold Award in the AV Tests to its name. There are three different areas where it was tested that includes protection, repair, and usability. It rocked them all and got the prestige.

The internet security protection software faces thousands of attacks each day. The antimalware software help to identify around 97% of them while the 3% are left unattended. However, with Bitdefender, all 17,794 attacks were discovered, and the test was deducted on windows 7. Also, the system speed does not have an enormous impact if you use this virus detector. Different customization features allow you to control the software and customize it as per your own use.


The Bit defender comes with a number of different features. These include the following:

  • The antivirus can detect and discover all of the malware that was tested on it in AV tests. As listed, usually the antiviruses have a success score of 97%.
  • The overall score of usability and protection was top. Also, the software outclassed all the competitors in the repair department.
  • There is a special parental control profile which allows you to configure your computer appropriately for your lad to use.
  • There is a virtual keyboard in the software, and with it, there is chat support to allow you to overcome any problem that occurs.


There are no particular cons of Bitdefender. But when you consider Bitdefender vs Avast, there are a couple of things that can be improved which are:

  • The Bitdefender is lighter on Mac while a bit heavy on PC. Thus, the manufacturers may make a few changes to it.
  • The Bitdefender is a software that comes at a price. You will have to pay $38.99 to get it. However, avast is available to you for free.

Bitdefender is a premium antivirus but I would say it is worth it. You can make the purchase using the link given below.

bitdefender vs avast 2018 comparison


Avast vs bitdefender 2018

The avast is among the most popular antiviruses that are being used all over the globe. There are many tools that it offers to you. These include the malware protection, gaming mode, safe browsing to overcome internet security issues, spam filter to disallow unwanted activities and messages, and the file sharing protection to share file throughout the network securely. There is a Safe Zone application that allows you to operate outside of computer in virtual mode if there is any suspicious activity to keep your system safe and secure.


The pros of avast include the following:

  • There is a safe zone that protects the users from any kind of risky behavior.
  • There is a schedule that you can set to regularly scan your computer and detect the programs for viruses or malicious activities.
  • The suite comes with complete tools that are necessary of all sorts of essential virus protection.
  • There is a top notch support system, and the staff is ready to help you out if there is any problem.


There are some stages where avast needs to improve. These include:

  • Absence of parental controls
  • No option for profile configuration and system setting
  • High impact on the performance of computer while scanning and searching for malware threats.

You can download Avast antivirus for free from their official website. I have linked it below.

bitdefender vs avast 2018

The statistics

There are a few things that you need to consider to figure out which software is best for you. So, here are the stats that will help you in making the right decision.

The avast antivirus comes free of cost, and you can simply go to their website and install it. On the other side, Bitdefender will cost you around $38.99.

The zero-day malware detection of Bitdefender on windows 10 is 100%. It means that no malware or virus has escaped the scanning of the software. On the other side, the figures for avast is 99.4% which means that it is 0.6% less accurate than the counterpart.

The general malware detection rate for Bitdefender is also 100%. It just shows how accurate the system is and how good Bitdefender is when it comes to virus detection. While on the other hand, Avast also has a widespread malware detection of 99.9%.

The false positives count a lot when there is malware scanning. There are 0 false positives for Bitdefender and 13 for avast. So, Bitdefender is better in this aspect as well.

When it comes to the machine that you are using, both software work differently. The mac users may like to prefer Bitdefender as it is easier and lighter on Macs than PCs. While you consider Avast, you will find that it is lighter on PCs than Macs.

Lastly, the special feature count for Bitdefender is also higher than that of avast. The Bitdefender comes with a password manager along with the network security scanner. There is a secure web browser that allows for appropriate browsing. Game mode allows your gaming experience to be better while the virtual keyboard and a file shredder are a plus. Avast comes with all of these except the virtual keyboard and file shredder.


In short, we can say that Bitdefender has a slight edge on avast when it comes to performance. However, the fact that it is a bit costly for some people makes avast the right pick. It is because avast may have one or two features less than that of Bitdefender but it is available to you for free. Also, both are top notch antiviruses, and there is nothing much you can say about picking one among these. So, when it is Bitdefender vs Avast make your choice according to your priorities.

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