Anisette – Elegant Hot bar cydia tweak for iOS 9

Anisette is a newly released cydia tweak which gives you an awesome looking hot bar, consisting flip switches and app shortcuts for easy access. Elegant looking hot bar appears on right edge of iPhone screen and you can change the flip switches and apps appeared in the hot bar.

Anisette for iOS 9

Anisette - Awesome flipswitch cydia tweak for ios 9

The tweak is available for $1 at the bigboss repo. It varies from person to person whether the tweak is worth its price. If you don’t like the default AppSwitcher which was introduced in iOS 7 and did not change or you would like to have a flipswitch panel without changing the control center, then Anisette is worth it’s price for you.

But if you are someone who likes to customize his iPhone’s control center then this tweak could only be a waste for you. Because you can get much more functionality with tweaks like Auxo 3 and seng.

Speaking of functionality, lets talk about the functionality Anisette has to offer.

Once you install the tweak from bigboss repo, you have to do a respring just like any othe tweak. Then Anisette adds a configuration panel in the settings app, named as ‘Anis’.

You can choose the activation gesture which triggers the hot bar, choose which tab you would like to have once you open it. Yeah! You read it right. Anisette has 3 different tabs which you can swipe through. The tabs are FlipSwitches, Recents and Favorites.

By default the tweak is triggered by swipe in from left which is changeable of course. The funtionality of have Favorites in a cool looking hot bar seems to be the ideal in my workflow.

Anisette for free

Well unfortunately there is a dark side of jailbreaking and that is piracy, you can actually use almost any tweak for free which hurts the developers a lot. I would only recommend you to use this method just to check the tweaks out. If you want to use it, you should pay for it.

To try Anisette for free, add the following cydia source and you should be able to download and try the tweak for free.

Let me know what you guys think of this tweak and does it really fits into your workflow? Just hit me up on twitter and I would love to hear from you.

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