How To Split Screen Safari Windows On Ios 9

Hey guys I am back with a brand new tutorial on How To Split Screen Safari Windows On Ios 9. In this tutorial we will be using the all new iPad app “sidefari” a web browsing companion for Safari which cost is $0.99 on the App Store and here’s a direct link for you if you wanna check it out yourself. This app allows you to have two separate web pages open in the split screen multi tasking view on an iPad 2, iPad Mini four or an iPad Pro running ios 9.

How To Split Screen Safari Windows On Ios 9

Once you’ve downloaded this app just launched Safari and load up a web page and then slide in from the right hand side of the screen in order to reveal the multitasking app draw and navigate to and launch “sidefari” which can be viewed in either caught on one half screen modes. You can tap the address bar to enter a URL manually but because “sidefari” utilizes the Safari View Controller functionality of ios you can’t then tap on the address bar directly under a new URL instead you have to tap down which will then return you to the search bar that does work along with your history. An easier way to utilize “sidefari” is to enable the sharing extension in Safari to quickly send your currently open webpage across to do this step the sharing icon in Safari and swipe until you get to the more icon and turn on center “sidefari” which then you can drag up to re-position it to appear first in the list then tap done. Tapping this will instantly send you open webpage to “sidefari” allowing you to continue navigating in Safari you can also send pages from “sidefari” to Safari by tapping the Safari icon in the upper-right. Another option is to tap the sharing icon in Safari, tap Copy to copy the URL and then inside “sidefari” can use the pace clipboard button to quickly bring up a website by tapping done. Inside “sidefari” clicking the Settings icon you can turn browsing history off but by leaving this on it actually makes it very much more useful as you can quickly jumped a previously access sites.

I highly recommend this app to anyone who likes to view multiple web pages side by side while keeping these same Safari look and feel across both windows because similar results can be achieved using something like Firefox or Chrome in split-screen view. If you liked this article, please hit a share button below.

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