How to get Double-Tap to Wake in iPhone

Enable double-tap to wake in iPhone

In android phones this gesture is available for a couple of years now. First introduces in LG G2 which was released in 2013. LG G2 was the first smartphone which had all of it’s hardware buttons on it’s back. The company found an excellent way of waking the smartphone up from sleep, without picking it up. That was via double-taping the display screen to turn it on. On the iOS side, We know there is nothing impossible and that is exactly what a cydia tweak , called SmartTap, does. In this tutorial I will tell you how you can enable this double-tap to wake feature in your iPhone.

Disclaimer: The mentioned cydia tweak keeps your iPhone’s Touch Digitizer ON, even if the device is in sleep mode. This may decrease the battery backup of your iPhone. But if you think that the convenience is worth the loss, then continue. Obviously you can uninstall the tweak if you found that the tweak is affecting the battery backup too much.

How to get double-tap to wake feature in iPhone

First of all if you didn’t yet understand, you need jailbreak to make this work on your iPhone. If you don’t have jailbreak, then I recommend you to jailbreak your iPhone by clicking here. You can look for an app called Cydia in your iPhone to make sure that your phone has jailbreak.

  1. Open Cydia and Click on the search button in the bottom bar.
  2. Search for SmartTap and you will see a tweak from the repository of BigBoss. This tweak is a paid tweak and if you are looking for a way of getting it free then keep reading.
  3. Once you finished installing it. You have to give your phone a quick respring and everything should be up and running.
  4. After respring, You will get an option labled “SmartTap” in the Setting app. There you will be able to adjust all the settings and stuff.Smarttap get double tap to wake up in iphone 9.1
  5. By default the tweak start working without needing any change in the settings but you might need some tweaking.

There are some other features which adds up to overall experience of the tweak. You can choose from list of actions for swipe up and swipe down features. My experience with this tweak was a bit of hit or miss. It works all the time if I double-tap home screen to put my iPad to sleep but it tend to miss sometimes the main feature. DoubleTap to wake from sleep.

Benefits of this tweak includes extending the life of Home and Power buttons. Although it does not work all the time, I think it is well worth the price.

How to get SmartTap on iOS 9 for free

Speaking of the price, you might be one of those who is here to get SmartTap tweak for free. Although I don’t support piracy and discourage it always. People tend to give the tweaks a try before paying for it. I am sharing the pirated source for just trying it out.

You should always pay for whatever you use and piracy is a crime, and you are kicking the developer’s food, if you are downloading and using it for free.

AnyWays, the source which has a working copy of SmartTap is 

Do let me know what you guys think of the tweak and did it work on your iPhone. And most importantly, did it affect the battery life.

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