download gba4ios without jailbreak

GBA4iOS without Jailbreak Free Game Boy Emulator for iOS 9

Did you ever wish to play gameboy or Nintendo games on your iPhone? Now you can play Nintendo classic and many other gameboy games on your iPhone with the help of GBA4iOS. Today I will show you how you can download GBA4iOS without Jailbreak on iPhone or iPad running IOS 9.3

What is GBA4iOS without Jailbreak?

GBA4iOS stands for Gameboy Advance for iOS which in a nutshell is an Emulator for iPhone and iPad to play Nintendo classic and other retro games on your iPhone. GBA4IOS without jailbreak will allow you to play many old games that you can download from the Internet. These games files are called roms and below I have listed all the ROM types supported by GBA4IOS without jailbreak.

List of all the ROM types supported by GBA4IOS.

  1. Gameboy Advance Games
  2. Nintendo Games
  3. Gameboy Color games
  4. Many other types of Game Roms are supported

Why GBA4iOS without Jailbreak?

There are many different features that set GBA4iOS apart from rest of the competition like retroarch. Below I have mentioned a couple of reasons why you should prefer gba4ios without jailbreak over the other Emulators available for iPhone.

  1. First of all you have a very clean and simple looking layout of gamepad and the games installed in GBA4IOS without jailbreak. You can also rotate you iPhone and play in both portrait and landscape orientation.
  2. GBA4IOS has a built in browser, using which you can easily search and download your favorite game ROMs from the Internet without any hassle.
  3. There are several different skins available for GBA4IOS that you can apply and customize the controllers and make the gameboy your own.
  4. Built-in cheats allow you to morph and make difficult games easier to play.
  5. Many times we have to keep hold of a button in the controller which can become tedious over time. In GBA4IOS without jailbreak there is a feature called Sustain button which will allow you to set a button in pressed state and you can continue to play your game without needing to keep holding a button.

How to download GBA4IOS without jailbreak on iPhone and iPad

  1. Make sure that you set your iPhone date to the past. This will trick iOS 9 and allow the installation of GBA4iOS without Jailbreak. Go to Settings > General > Date and time and set the date to atleast 1 day in past.Download GBA4iOS without Jailbreak
  2. Now open safari and go to this URL. you can also click here to go to this page for convenience
  3. Scroll down a bit until you see a download button saying ” Download GBA4iOS 2.1 (iOS 8.0.3 and below)” Don’t worry if works on iOS 9 as well. Click on this button and safari will show you this pop up. Click install.GBA4iOS without Jailbreak
  4. Now go back to home screen and see the installation of GBA4iOS without Jailbreak.
  5. Once the installation finished you can open it. If it does not open then you have to change the date settings of your iPhone to past. This is required for first time only after every restart. Once gba4ios is open, you can revert back to current date settings.Download GBA4iOS without Jailbreak on iOS 9.3
  6. Now you can search for any Gameboy or Nintendo roms online using the inbuilt browser and the games will get downloaded within GBA4iOS.

If everything went well then you shall have working GBA4IOS without jailbreak on iPhone. If you have any question or queries then feel free to drop a comment below and share this tutorial with others if it helped you relive your childhood memories.

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