How to play clash royale on PC

How to play Clash Royale on PC computer

A couple of weeks ago I posted a tutorial on How to play Clash of Clans on PC, and a lot of you guys were interested in a tutorial on how to play Clash Royale on PC. In this quick tutorial, I will tell you how you can play Clash Royale game on a computer using BlueStacks Android Emulator.

Now before we start, I would like to tell you guys that this tutorial is going to be a lot similar to COC on PC tutorial because there is nothing much different in this. So, if you already know how to play COC on a PC, go ahead and install Clash Royale on the same Emulator and enjoy the game.

How to Play Clash Royale on PC

  • First of all, you will need to download BlueStacks Android emulator for your PC. You can find it on this link. Just download it on your PC.
  • Now open the exe installer for BlueStacks and install it on your PC. The Installation process is very simple, and it takes only a few seconds.
  • Once the emulator is installed successfully, Start it up, and you will need to log in with your Google account to start using it.
  • Once done, you will be able to run any Android app or game inside BlueStacks.
  • Now you can install Clash Royale from the google play store from inside the BlueStacks emulator but as you might already know that Google PlayStore inside BlueStacks can be a bit finicky. So, I prefer installing apps and games via APK to play clash royale on pc
  • Just open this link given below and here you will be able to find the latest APK file for Clash Royale. Simply Download it on your PC and Double Click it while the BlueStacks is running.
  • The game will be installed, and Now you can go ahead and play the game inside the BlueStacks Emulator. On first start, the game might ask you for your Google account, add your Google account and the game should start.
  • If the game crashes right after you open it for the first time, just open the game again and it will definitely run.

If you are facing any issues with BlueStacks or Clash Royale on your PC, make sure to check our tutorial on how to root BlueStacks 2 and check if your PC supports BlueStacks.

That is it for this quick and simple tutorials, if you found it helpful and you were able to play Clash Royale on your PC then make sure to share it with your friends and followers on social media and also follow us on Twitter where we post every time there is a new tutorial available on

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