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Today I am going to show you how to make a RedStone Comparator in Minecraft 1.4 or later. If you just wanna know how to make it, you can see the picture given below in which I am making RedStone Comparator in the crafter. I will be getting right to the point here just as we show in our how to make a hopper in minecraft and How to make rails in minecraft guide.

How to make a redstone comparator in minecraft?

how to make a restone comparator in minecraft

You will be needing 3 RedStone torches, 3 Stones and 1 Nether Quartz. Align them as I show you in the picture above and you shall have a RedStone Comparator. I have listed the features and benefits of redstone comparator below for those who are new to the world of minecraft and wondering what this is all about.

Features and benefits of RedStone Comparator in minecraft

  1. As the name of this tool tells it is a comparator which is used to compare something. Now what does it actually compares? Well it compares redstone signal strength, coming towards it’s input points.
  2. Actually there are two modes in the RedStone Comparator. There is a comparasion mode which is normal and then there is a subtraction mode.
  3. Redstone comparator has 2 input points and an output point. The only output point is toward the side which has 1 redstick on it. First input point is the the side of comparator which has 2 redsticks and second input is any side of it. I have added a picture below to give you a better understanding.
    how redstone comparator works in minecraft
  4. Now to the functionality of the comparator itself. Basically it compares both of the input signals and outputs according to some complex math that I have tried to simplify below.
    1)  If the Input 1 Signal is equal to input 2 then the redstore Comparator in going to output the same signal. For example if both the Input 1 and Input 2 are 14 then the output is going to be 14.
    2)  If Input 1 signal is stronger then the input 2 signal then the Redstone Comparator will output the stronger Input 1 Signal. For example if Input 1 is 13 and Input 2 is 11 then the output is going to start from 13.
    3)  As long as the comparator is in the comparison mode, the Input 1 has to be stronger than the signal 2 for the Comparator to output any signal at it’s output.
  5. Now If we look at the subtractor mode, basically the concept is similar here but instead of comparing and outputing the stronger signal, this time around it is going to subtract Input 2 from Input 1 and output the remainder at it’s output.
    For example if you have the comparator in subtractor mode and you input a signal of 14 on Input 1 and give a signal of 3 on Input 2, it is going to subtract 3 from 14 and the output will be starting from 11.

So this is actually all to it, If you feel like it is a little complex then you are right and if you feel like it is simple math, you are also right. Make sure to leave a feedback below in the comments section and also follow us on twitter, Google+ and Instagram and Subscribe to our Email newsletter cause why not?

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