Most CPU Intensive Games for PC 2017

Do you want to test out your new PC and see how it handles some of the most demanding games? Or maybe you got a new CPU and you want to test most CPU Intensive games to check if your gaming rig is capable of running them or not. Today I will be telling you some of the most CPU Intensive games that can surely give your PC a tough time when played at the max settings possible.

Or it could be other way around, for example if you have a laptop with decent CPU but no dedicated graphics. And you want to play cpu intensive games on the lowest settings at 30 fps. Every game, in the list I am going to give you, can be played on recent CPUs even if you don’t have a gpu. Or you can play them at max settings if you have a powerful GPU.

The most CPU Intensive Games 2017

Before we start to list all the titles, I want to say that all of the games mentioned in this list are best in terms of gameplay, storyline, and graphics of course. You can buy these games from Steam or PlayStation store.

Resident Evil 7:

If you like horror games then Resident Evil 7 can be a good addition to your games collection. The game has very realistic graphics and first time in the history of the series, it can get really scary.

The story of resident evil 7 is that you are an average guy who is trying to find his missing wife while being stuck in a really creepy building. You have to survive by shooting nasty monsters, finding clues and keys for doors etc.

The story unfolds really well and if you have a powerful computer system then it can provide a good experience. This is a cpu intensive game that you can only play on lowest settings without gpu.

Just cause 3:

If you are looking for a game that has a sandbox kind of feel where you can complete missions to liberate places the Just Cause 3 is the game for you. The basic premise of this game is to destroy the enemies by flying around the city and destroy everything using Rocket launchers and other ammoniation.

The thing I don’t like about just cause 3 is the vehicle controls. At times I don’t even bother taking a vehicle. The air controls for Planes and Helicopters are much better. And now you can deploy your parachute or wings suite basically anywhere in Just Cause 3.

I can say that Just Cause 3 is a very cpu intensive game as I tried to play it on Intel i5 6600 with 16gb ram but it was not even giving 30fps on the integrated gpu.


As the name of this game says, Hitman is a really difficult game to play but it doesn’t bore you cause you kill people in a cartoonish way. This isn’t a criticism cause you enjoy playing hitman this way.

While playing the game, sometimes you might think that your hand is being held too much but I really enjoyed playing this game. Basically you are playing as a hitman who has to kill people to complete his missions.

The reason why I have added hitman in this list of cpu intensive games is because it is very heavy game. While I was trying to play it on my Core i5 6th Gen pc, I was getting 20fps on avg using the lowest settings. If you don’t have a decent gpu, you might not even be able to play the game.


The storyline of Prey is quite unique and the graphics do justice with it. You play this game as a scientist who is stuck in Talos 1. A space station Over run by a race of highly intelligent aliens.

The place in which you are stuck, looks like a fancy building where you will find Science labs, Office spaces and other places. Basically it is an institution designed to house people who do science.

If we talk about the graphics then let me tell you that Prey has top notch graphics which means it needs a good gpu to run smoothly. Other than a GPU, you will also need atleast 3rd Gen Core CPU as the game is very CPU intensive.

Tekken 7:

If fighting games are your thing then Tekken 7 is an awesome game to have in your collection. Just like any other Tekken game, the tekken 7 is also a 1 on 1 fighting game where you fight with your opponents. Just like street fighter.

One cool thing about Tekken 7 is that you can play it even without a GPU. If you have a recent CPU with Intel HD 520 or later GPU then you can play it with avg fps of 50. You will need to dial down the settings though.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare


I honestly feel like I don’t even have to mention it cause the Call of Duty games don’t need any introduction. The infinite warfare feels a lot futuristic and rightly so. As the basic premise of the game is that as the people of planetĀ Earth started colonizing other planets in the solar system, beings that are born on other planets start an “Infinite Warfare” against Earth.

The best part about Call of duty infinite warfare is that there are a lot of missions to choose from, even in single player mode. And if you are a fan of multi-player then you will get that call of duty feel in it.

The graphics of this game are really good, as expected by a Latest game from Call of Duty. While I was playing this game on my Core i5 6600 PC, I was getting 35 fps on avg with lowest settings using the integrated gpu.

Rise of the Tomb Raider:

Rise of the tomb raider cpu intensive games

When you talk about cpu intensive games this game is right at the top of the list with one of the best game play and story line. My favorite part of Rise of the tomb raider is the face animation of the character. The new facial capture technology that is being used in this game really shines through.

And the fact that you are playing the game as a really lethal character, who can build weapons and upgrade them with the intention to kill anyone who comes in your way.

This game was first released for only Xbox one but later it was released for Playstation as well as PC. To play Rise of the tomb raider smoothly, you will have to have a good Gaming rig.

GTA 5:

GTA 5 cpu intensive games

Talking about gaming, GTA 5 is one of, if not the most popular game among gamers and non gamers alike. Reason being Grand Theft Auto is a sort of All in one game. From racing to first person shooter, GTA 5 covers a lot of genres.

Technically this type of games are called Open world games where you can do whatever you wish to do. Ofcourse there are missions, a lot of missions rather, to complete but you don’t have to do these missions.

GTA 5 is oneĀ of the most cpu intensive games and you can play it using an old gpu but the cpu must be a powerful one. This game is even very much playable on a GTX 680 which is a 5 years old gpu.

That’s it for this quick list of cpu intensive games. If you like what you read then make sure to follow us on twitter for more content like this. If you found this post helpful then don’t forget to share it with others and help us spread the word. You can comment your suggestions, recommendations and criticism below and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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  1. Just Cause 3 isn’t CPU intensive, I played on max settings with an i5 2650k and a geforce 970.

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