How to make rails in minecraft

Ever since we published How to make a hopper in minecraft guide, we were receiving messages of people to create a proper step by step tutorial on How to make rails in minecraft. Finally I decided to write a complete tutorial on this topic. As I am not a regular player of this game but to make this tutorial authentic, I started playing it. After playing minecraft for almost two weeks, I was able to create rails in minecraft. And believe me I am still playing this game because it is not so boring game.

According to Wikipedia, Minecraft is a sandbox game that was originally developed by Markus Persson – A swedish programmer. Later it was completed and published by Mojang.

The creativity and building features of this game allowed users to construct 3D textured cubes world. The other activities of this game include crafting, exploration, combat and resource generating. There are also multiple game modes available. The available modes are survival mode, creative mode, adventure mode and spectator mode. In survival mode, player must need sources to build a maintained health world. Whereas in creative mode, player have endless resources to build and also have the power to fly. In adventure mode, players can play custom maps created by other players. And in spectator mode, player can fly and clip through blocks but can’t destroy. It also allow multiplayer gaming.

So that was my short intro about Minecraft. Now lets come back to our topic which is How to make rails in minecraft.

Basically these rails system are often called Minecarts. These can make boring and long job easy. Their implementation is quite easy. There are some rules of their usage which I will cover in upcoming posts on minecraft but for now lets move to the steps.

How to make rails in minecraft

There are three types of minecart rails: Powered Rails, Activator Rails and Detector Rails. Below I will mention their function and also the steps to build rails.

Minecraft Powered rails

The powered rails allow to power on and off the parts of track. It also set the cart while in motion. Follow the below steps to make powered rails in minecraft.

[table id=4 /]

  1. Make sure you have 1 redstone, 6 gold ingots and 1 stick.
  2. Also be sure to have a crafting table before proceeding.
  3. Open the crafting menu by right clicking on crafting table. This is for pc/mac, for opening crafting menu on other platforms you’ve to search it.
  4. In the next window, place 1 stick, 1 redstone and 6 gold ingots in the 3×3 crafting grid. Place them in the exact same way as show in image below.How to make rails in minecraft
  5. The above placement is the minecraft powered rails recipe.
  6. Now as you successfully created the powered rails, its time to move them in inventory.
  7. The inventory consists of two sections. The top 3 rows are the items that are not available directly. And the fourth row is the hotbar. Move the powered rails in to make rails in minecraft 1
  8.  Congrats. You just made powered rails.

Minecraft Activator rails

These are the real working horse of the minecarts. They are mostly used in transportation in minecraft.

[table id=6 /]

  1. You must have 6 iron ingots, 2 sticks and 1 redstone torch to make minecraft activator rail.
  2. Make sure you have crafting table also.
  3. In minecraft, stand in front of the table and open crafting menu by right clicking on the table.
  4. Now add 1 redstone torch, 6 iron ingots and 2 sticks in the 3×3 crafting grid. All these materials should be placed in exact pattern as in the image to create rails in minecraft
  5. After arranging them correctly, six activator rails will appear in the right box.
  6. Now its time to move newly crafted activator rails to inventory. And to do that, just move rails to the fourth row called hotbar. See below image for more to build rails in minecraft
  7. Done.

Minecraft Detector rails

These rails work as roads for minecarts. Detector rails can be used a switchable redstone power source.

[table id=5 /]

  1. The required materials are 1 redstone, 1 stone pressure plate and 6 iron ingots. Also you must have a crafting table in your game.
  2. For opening crafting menu, find the crafting table and right click on it.
  3. Now in crafting menu, locate the 3×3 crafting area.
  4. Place 6 iron ingots, 1 stone pressure plate and 1 redstone in the 3×3 crafting grid like shown in below image. Be sure to follow the exact pattern.make rails in minecraft
  5. After crafting the 6 detector rails, place them in the inventory. There are two parts of inventory, the top 3 rows are for the items and the fourth row is for rails. So just move them in the fourth row. Check image below for confirmation.detector rails minecraft
  6. Congratulations. The detector rails have been created successfully.


As I kept my promise to write a complete guide on How to make rails in minecraft, its your time to build rails. And become a strong minecrafter. If you have any type of problem while following this guide, just comment your queries below. I will reply to them in short time. Also don’t forget to share it on social media platforms. And if you’re looking for more authentic guides visit our Tips and Tricks section. Furthermore you can join our mailing list for getting all our latest articles in your inbox. Thanks.

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