Free Google Play Card Codes.

Google Play Card Codes – Free Google Play Store Gift Cards

Today I will be talking about How to get free credit in Google Play store to buy almost anything you want. Doesn’t matter if it is in-app purchases for your Pokemon Go, Free diamonds in Clash of Clans or Any app, Game or Movie that you like. With these methods, you can win free Google play card codes. Yes, you read it right. I am going to show you guys working methods that you can use to win Free Google Play store Gift cards.

Free Google Play Card Codes

There are several methods to get free Google Play Gift cards. Some of them are Slow and some of them are Location specific. I will be listing all of them below so that No matter where you are from, you can rest assured that you are covered.

First of all, you have to make sure that you have an Android device. Any recent Android device will do. It can be a TV, tablet, phone. Just make sure that you have Google Play Store Available on that device.

Google Opinion rewards

Google Play Card Codes

If you are somewhere in the US, then you are lucky. Because there you can use Google Opinion Rewards app. Basically, this app allows you to take surveys and in reward, you get some quick bucks. You can not withdraw that money but you can use it as a Google Play Credit. Which is pretty cool.

The bad side of this app is that you can not use it in any country. Sure, there are many methods that will show you how to hack Google Opinion rewards app. But I would suggest you don’t fall for those traps. Because those hacks are not guaranteed to work. Google Continuously tracks your location based on your IP Address as well as GPS. So it is virtually Impossible to trick Google.

Basically, in this app, you get surveys that you have to take. Doesn’t matter if you are putting fake info or real, you will get promised reward. The surveys will come every day and you have to take them every day.

Just in Case you are not able to download Google Opinion Rewards app, Here you can find Google Opinion Rewards APK file.

WHAFF Rewards

Google Play Card Codes

If you are not in the US, or even if you are, There are plenty of alternative apps that will let you earn Google Play Card Codes. All you have to do is Install the app on your Android phone, create an account and start completing offers. WHAFF Rewards is one of the most famous rewards apps which you can install from Google Play Store and start earning rewards.

The cool thing about WHAFF is that you can login using a Facebook account and start earning Google Play Card Codes easily. What if you wanted to withdraw your hard earned money? Luckily WHAFF also has the option to withdraw as Paypal cash.


Just in case if WHAFF was not your jam, or you didn’t like their survey prices, AppKarma is the perfect Google Opinions Reward Alternative. Unlike WHAFF, AppKarma will give you install points that you can redeem as Google Play Card codes. Not just that, it will also give you option to redeem it as PayPal cash, iTunes gift card, Steam gift card and many different things.

Basically you will need to download the app on your android phone and signup. After that you will see ads that you have to watch and offers that you have to complete. On completion of each, you will get reward points. Once you have enough reward points, you can redeem them for Google Play Card codes or any other withdrawal method you like.

free google play card codes

There is also a refferal system in WHAFF as well as AppKarma. You invite your friends to their app and then you both will make more money.

Tap Cash Rewards

Here is another reward app which will fill you up by giving you so many options to redeem your points. There are more than 15 different ways you can redeem the points you make in Tap Cash Rewards. You can make money by referring your friends and followers, Install and Play with new apps and games via Tap Cash and that will also give your money.

There is even a daily reward that you get just by opening the app. Isn’t that cool? There is an option of upgrading your account to premium level, but how? Simply attach your facebook account with your Tap Cash account and you will have a vip account which unlocks even more apps and ads.

get free google play store gift codes

Cash for Apps

If the above mentioned apps are too slow for you, or you want to have multiple apps to collect more money. Cash for Apps is your best bet. They claim to be the fastest paying reward app on market. You can earn $10 Google Play Card Code for collecting only 3000 points. Whereas others need 9500 points for $10 gift card.

There is also a referral system built in, so you can invite your friend to Cash for Apps and you will get 90 points as soon as they download their first app from inside of Cash for apps.

Cash for Apps free Google Play store gift card code

The basic model is same. You have to install apps to earn points and then you can redeem them. Only advantage of this app is you don’t need to do too much work for your first Google Play store Gift card.


Watch Videos, Play Games, Give Opinions, Take Surveys, invite friends and make money. This is what JunoWallet does for you. Simply Install the app and make a free account. Then you have to complete the tasks inside the app.

Usually the tasks are to install and Play Games or watch a video advertisement. The reason why I am listing this app here is because this is one of the most reliable reward app that you can count on. And it provides the most payout options among every other app.

There are literally more than 30 different ways you can redeem the earning you make in JunoWallet.

free Google Play store Card codes

Lastly, I want to mention here that don’t fall for those traps where they promise to give you an unlimited amount of gems and in-app purchases. They just want to give your E-Mail and personal info to someone else. And then that “Someone Else” will use that information to sell you their products. And not to mention, you will not get any in-app purchases from those traps. Just don’t go to webistes that promise unlimited gems and diamonds.

That’s it for this tutorial. I hope you were able to find the best way to get free Google Play Card codes and buy those Gems in Clash of clans. Or anything for that matter. If you likes this article then make sure to share it with others and keep visiting for more tutorials and guides.

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