Dm-Verity Verification Failed on Samsung Phones [FIX]

A lot of people have started facing this very strange error on their Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Previously I thought that this error is affecting a very small batch of phones but recently I started receiving more and more requests for this error. Basically, Samsung Galaxy smartphones go in a bootloop and when you boot it up, it shows dm-verity Verification failed error on the screen. If you are also facing this issue on your android phone, today I will answer all your queries regarding this error once and for all.

What is DM-Verity Verification failed Error?

This error mainly comes if you try to flash some recovery or ROM that is not built for your phone on your Samsung Galaxy phone. A lot of people tried installing ROMs that were meant for some other variant or another phone altogether and ended up with this dm-verity Verification failed error.

If your phone is not rooted and you don’t install any custom recovery or ROM on your phone, you should not have this error.

How to Fix dm-verity verification failed error

There are a couple of things that you will need before starting this process and your phone’s warranty is already void. It is not because of this fix, it is because of the cause of dm-verity verification failed error which is rooting.


  1. A windows computer, You might be able to do it on a MAC but I don’t have any idea about that because I have fixed this on a Windows Computer multiple times without any problem.
  2. A decent internet connection. If you have a decent internet connection then the time required for this fix could be decreased by a lot.
  3. USB cable to connect your phone to the computer.
  4. Odin flash tool. This flash tool is used to flash almost all on Samsung phones and it is essential in this procedure as well. Download it from here.
  5. USB drivers for your phone will also be needed. Download the Samsung USB drivers from here and install them on your PC. After installation, don’t forget to restart your computer.
  6. You will need to download some files, but those files will make more sense to you during the actual procedure.

Fixing dm-verity verification failed error

  1. First of all, You will need to download the official Samsung Firmware for your phone. This is a very important step and I would recommend you to get the correct firmware for your phone from If you don’t know what model number your phone is, try looking at the box of your verification failed error
  2. Next, You will need to put your Samsung Galaxy in download mode. For that, you will need to press and hold VolUp + Power + Home key for 5 seconds and you will see a warning screen. This is normal, don’t worry.
  3. Here you can see that to enter Download mode, we will need to select Continue which is selected with the VolUp key. Press VolUp key and you should now be in the Download mode.
  4. Now connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable. I recommend that you should use the original Samsung USB cable and avoid using 3rd-party cables.
  5. After your phone is detected by your computer, extract the firmware of your phone and also extract the Odin zip file. The firmware is usually a big file so it might take some time, be patient.
  6. Once done, open Odin folder and there you will be able to find a file called odin3.exe, as soon as you will open the Odin file, you should be able to find your phone detected by it in the first box. If your phone is not detected by Odin, trying re-installing USB drivers. dm-verity verification failed error samsing
  7. Click on AP button and select the tar.md5 file which you found after extracting the firmware. Usually, AP file is quite a massive file and it takes a couple of minutes for Odin to respond. Don’t worry if Odin starts showing “Not Responding” It’s normal.
  8. The last and final step is to click on the “Start” button. This will initiate the flashing process and if you want to have your phone back to normal, don’t disconnect your phone and don’t power off your PC. It will be a disaster if that happens.
  9. After a couple of minutes, you will see ‘PASS’ status in Odin window with green color. This is the time when you can disconnect your phone from the computer and boot it just like normal.

If everything went right, you will be able to boot into your phone normally. Don’t worry if it takes up to 15 minutes to start because this is the very first start of the phone after the firmware refresh and it takes that much time to build all the data for the built in apps.

how to fix dm-verity verification failed error

This part of the tutorial is only for those whose phone is stuck at “Samsung” logo and it is not proceeding even after 15 minutes of wait.

  1. Press and hold VolUp + Power + Home key together for 5 seconds and your phone should reboot into recovery mode.
  2. This is the mode where you can factory reset your phone. Navigate the recovery mode by using the volume keys and press the power button to select the “Wipe data/Factory Reset” option from the list.

This will eliminate any kinks and conflicts that the fresh firmware might have on your phone. After you have successfully factory reset your phone, just reboot it and wait for 10 minutes and it should start working like a brand new phone.

That is it for this tutorial, I hope that you were able to fix that dm-verity verification failed, Need to check DRK first error and if you found this tutorial helpful then please make sure to share it with your friends at social media and also follow us on twitter .

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