IPVanish VPN Review

IPVanish VPN Review – Are They Legit?

If you are using any of the Live IPTV, or Streaming apps, you should always use a VPN. As you should know, most of the IPTV services and Streaming apps are not legal, and you can get in trouble for using them without VPN. I have covered a couple of Free VPN APKs in the past but you can’t really get the best experience for free. Today I will be doing an in-depth review of IPVanish VPN Service and find out if they are legit.

IPVanish VPN Review

IPVanish VPN Review: Are They Legit?

We’re going to be testing all 5 aspects of the VPN which I look for.

  • Security
  • Speed
  • Setting & Customization
  • Overall Usage
  • Stability

We will have each category scored and we will get IPVanish an overall score at the end of the review, as well as my personal opinion on the service. If you don’t know what a VPN is, here I have given a basic introduction.


The first and most important part of having a VPN and the purpose even having won in the first place is security, especially with recent legislation.

So, IPVanish gives you 256-bit Encryption, which is a security standard offers OpenVPN and TCP protocols, keeps no logs whatsoever, and has no restrictions on torrenting or other p2p traffic.

On paper, it passes all the security checkpoints. Let’s put, what we can, to the test.

First, I’ve ensured my IP address changed using the service which it did, then I ran HideStar DNS Leak Test, the TorGuard DNS leak test and the OG DNS Leak Test and it passed all 3 of the tests.

IPVanish has extremely good security and there has been no contradiction to this whatsoever.

Easily 5/5 score for me.


The second thing most of you are looking for in a VPN will be speed. No one likes a slow VPN. They are painful.

First, synthetics. I ran OOKLA Speed Test

using Ethernet. I got 9ms Ping, 30.35mbps download and 5.88mbps upload without a VPN, and got 29ms Ping, 28.41mbps download and 5.51mbps upload speed with IPVanish.

There’s a slight decrease in speed, upload, and ping, which is expected with a VPN, but it’s definitely not the fastest VPN.

For a more realistic test, I downloaded the Ubuntu ISO torrent and it performed almost as well coming in just several seconds slower with the VPN.

Overall, speeds on IPVanish are very strong but I have seen stronger, so I am going to give 4 stars for speed. They were extremely close to being on the top.

Settings & Customizations

Now let’s take a look at the settings, IPVanish actually has a very extensive amount of customization, which I personally love.

You can easily automatically connect to a server when your computer boots up, there are tons of protocol settings, you can change your OpenVPN port automatically, change IP address every given time interval and you can customize your DNS settings. overall I’m extremely impressed with the large number of settings they offer.

So, for me, that is a 5 out of 5 on Settings and customization.


Now to usage, on Windows, personally, there is nothing wrong with the program, but it’s not perfect. it feels clunky. it’s not the most visually appealing program and it’s just not my style for a layout in the program.

On OS X, I have some complaints. First off the login and setup is so poorly put together, there is no easy way to tell if you’re login was successful or not. You’re a lot more limited on the options and the UI looks pretty gross and outdated.

On Linux the story does not get better, IP Vantage does not offer a Linux client forcing you to manually set up the VPN connection, which is not practical at all, and there’s not much support for Linux users offered by IPVanish themselves.

On my iPhone, I actually love the app. it’s super nice, very easy to use, quick to set up, offers cool settings like fingerprint support and it really gets the job done.

On Android, the experience is also fantastic and I have no real complaints there either. the layout is nearly identical to the iPhone application so when it comes to overall user experience, I’m going to make it very simple for you. Mobile support is fantastic, the apps are great, the Windows program is clunky but still a great program and if you are running Linux or have a Mac, look elsewhere for a VPN as of right now, until they fix those up.

Because two-thirds of the mainstream desktop operating systems don’t offer a good experience, in my opinion, I’m giving IPVanish 2 stars in this category.


For the last section, stability.

IPVanish is a 4/5. I never experienced a crash, the connection or bug on any piece of their software or any of their devices with the exception of OS X which completely freaked out when I put in incorrect login credentials. And I had to reinstall the program.

Final Score

So how well the IPVanish score? I got all the scores in each category and I sorted each category by importance.

Overall IPVanish scored 4.2/5 which is a very respectable score for a VPN. Personally, I would highly recommend IPVanish today to anyone if they’re using it on their smartphones and the Windows computer. the moment Linux or OS X gets thrown in the mix I will instantly say look elsewhere or ask them to fix that.

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Look, I have already contacted the IPVanish support team on the issues I had with the service and hopefully, they’ll work on that in the future. So there we go, guys.

That’s the review. I hope you enjoyed it and if you did make sure to share it with others, let me know what’s working, what’s not working for you if you have any reviews you want to read, make sure to follow us on twitter if you want to see more content like this

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