Nexus 6P full review, camera samples, pros and cons

Google releases new Nexus device every year with a new version of Android. Nexus devices represents Google’s vision of how Android should look like.  Today we have the Nexus 6P full review as our topic which is the latest device from Google Nexus series. Every year Google picks of the Android devices manufactures to build a Nexus device. This year Google picked LG to build the Nexus 5X and Huawei to build the Nexus 6P. With these two devices, Google is targeting the user who is in the Market for medium or big display device.

nexus 6 review

Nexus 6P full review

The Nexus 6P body is made of Aluminum and upper part of the back is made of glass. This glass part contains the Camera, Flash, Laser Auto Focus and the NFC chipset. The length of the device is 16cm and width is 7.8cm The height of the device is 7.3mm and the weight is 178g which is really light for a full metal body device. The device is not small it’s a phablet with a display size of 5.7” However, the footprint of the device is amazing and you can use it with one hand in a certain situation. That was something which we couldn’t do with a device like the Nexus 6. The size of the device appeals to some users than the others according to the size of their hands. As the device can be really big for some. Nexus 6P like any metal body device it needs a case to improve the slippery grip of the device.

nexus 6p full review

Nexus 6P comes with 1440×2560 5.7″ AMOLED Display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 Octa Core 2.0GHz, 3GB of LPDDR4 RAM and 12.3 megapixel rear camera with dual flash and Laser Auto Focus. The front facing camera is 8 Megapixel and 32GB or 64GB or 128GB storage, 3450mAh battery and Fingerprint sensor Also, the device comes in three colors Silver, Black or White. Nexus 6P display is 5.7 inch and have resolution of 1440×2560. The display is AMOLED panel, One of AMOLED displays advantages is the deep black due disabling the pixels that displays the black color. This saves the battery life Also, the colors are realistic and vivid on the AMOLED displays The Nexus 6P display is covered with a layer of Gorilla Glass 4 for protection. The display is really bright on high brightness and the viewing angles on this display are great. The display gets really bright or really dim according to your liking or the ambient lighting around you. The Nexus 6P has ambient display feature. It displays Notifications that the device gets when the screen is off in Black and white. In addition to that ambient display kicks in when you hold the device when it’s in sleeping mode.

nexus 6p camera samples

Nexus 6P utilizes dual front facing stereo speakers and it’s great for multimedia playback And it can be used as a loud speaker in a small room. Nexus 6P rear camera is one of the best smart phones cameras and according to DXO Mark, the Nexus 6P rear camera comes as 3rd best camera after Xperia Z5 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Nexus 6P rear camera located on the upper glass part of the back and Google calls this glass part Visor. It contains the Camera, dual flash and Laser Auto Focus. The rear camera senor is 12.3 Mega Pixel and according to Google this sensor from Sony was designed originally for camcorders. It supports shooting 4K videos at 30 frames per second. The camera app is Google Camera and it has a new user interface. Yet it’s still really simple and it has no options to manually control the camera settings. Also, the camera shoots slow motion 720p videos at 120 or 240 frames per second. These are some samples of the camera in a good lighting conditions.

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One of the Pros of the Nexus 6P camera is shooting in low light. The Pixel size in the camera sensor is 1.55 Micron And that allows more light to get inside the camera lens The camera uses HDR+ feature but unfortunately the camera doesn’t have Optical Image Stabilization. And this makes the video very shaky if there is so much movement. Google also added double tap the power button to launch camera while the screen is off. This gives you the chance to snap photos quickly without the need to unlock the device first.

full review nexus 6p

USB Type-C or USB 3.1 is the latest version of USB it transfers data in high speed which makes it replace many ports that exist today Such as HDMI, Ethernet and even charging ports. The Nexus 6P uses USB Type-C port and in addition to transferring data in high speed, it also fast charges the device. Also, USB Type-C port is reversible which means you could plug the cable upside down no problems.

review of nexus 6p

Nexus 6P has a fingerprint sensor and Google calls it Nexus Imprint. It responds so fast to the touch and it unlocks the device without even seeing the lock screen. We will notice that it takes less than a second to unlock the device. Also, you can assign more than one fingerprint to use it to unlock the device from security menu in settings. Nexus Imprint can be used also for making purchases on Google Play Store Without the need of entering your password every time you make a purchase.

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Nexus 6P has a notifications LED located to the left of the front facing camera. It supports RGB colors and you can use apps like light flow to assign notifications colors for apps. The Nexus 6P battery is 3450mAh and it’s big enough for a display this size. The battery will last through the day with normal use. Here are screen shots of the battery usage from 100 to 0% Screen on time was 4 hours and 43 minutes. The flat parts of the battery curve are the doze features that comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow Doze disables most of the background services to save battery life when the device is in sleeping mode. Nexus 6P supports fast charging and it reaches from 0 to 100% in 90 minutes when you use the original charger. The charger is 3 Amperes and once you connect it to the device you will see the message Charging Rapidly which means that the device is fast charging.

nexus 6p detailed full review

Nexus 6P runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It was built to run Android Marshmallow and utilize all its new features. Nexus 6P gets support directly from Google and first inline to get the latest version of Android. In general the Nexus 6P is powerhouse, it comes with latest and greatest specs that available to date and it offers the best Android user experience. All that starts at only 500$ for the 32GB version. This was Google Nexus 6P full review. If you like the Nexus 6P full review, please Like, Share and keep visiting RevKid to get the latest from tech world.

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