AppSync Unified iOS 12 Repo – Tweaked Apps and Hacked Games on iPhone for Free

AppSync is one of, if not the most widely used Cydia tweak by almost every jailbreak user. In this article, I will show you what is AppSync Unified iOS 12 Repo, what are it’s features and how to use it to install hacked games, tweaked and paid apps for free on iPhone, no revokes.

AppSync Unified iOS 12 Repo - Tweaked Apps and Hacked Games on iPhone for Free

AppSync Unified iOS 12 Repo – Tweaked Apps and Hacked Games on iPhone for Free

AppSync is very popular among the iPhone modders.

If you have been using iPhone for any amount of time, you will know that Apple store is the only source of apps. When you want to install something on your PC, do you go to the Windows app store? No, because you have the freedom to install whichever program you want. Same is the case for Android phones. But Apple does not allow you to install apps that are “unsafe”. This is why they have this mechanism in place to sign all the apps, and iPhones only run signed apps.

With the help of AppSync Unified, this condition is removed. Allowing you to install whatever app you want to.

Basically, it gives you the freedom to install any iPhone app from the web. No problems with signing and app revokes. All you need to make sure is to check if the app supports your iPhone & iOS version.

AppSync Unified iOS 12 Repo

If you are familiar with the features and the process of the installation, feel free to add this source into the iPhone and get AppSync Unified installed on your iPhone.


How to install:

If you are reading this tutorial on your iPhone, you can simply click on the AppSync Unified repo URL given above. That will add the repo source to Cydia automatically. And then, just follow the tutorial below.

First of all, let’s add the AppSync Unified iOS 12 repo source to Cydia. For this, open Cydia and select Sources from the bottom of the screen.

Press Edit from the top, now press Add and you will see a pop-up.

Enter the given repo URL into the text field, make sure it’s starting with https:// and not with http://

Click Add URL, if everything goes well, it should start adding all the repo packages to Cydia. Just wait for it to complete and then press Return to Cydia.

Now simply search for AppSync Unified from the search section and install it in your iPhone. Before installation, make sure that it is v41.1 or later.

Now press the Restart springboard button and you should be good to go.

After the installation is complete, you can download tweaked app, hacked games and paid apps from safari browser and it will work just like a regular Appstore app.

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