Video downloader for iOS 11

Free Video Downloader Pro for iPhone on iOS 11 No Jailbreak No Computer

A lot of you guys might have used different apps like iTube Pro to download videos on iPhone. But those of you who have upgraded to iOS 11 will know that those apps no longer work. That is because Apple removed the support for 32-bit apps in iOS 11. Today, I will show you how you can get a free video downloader pro for iOS 11 without jailbreak. It is amazing little app available inside the app store, so get it before it is gone.

Video downloader for iOS 11

Free Video Downloader pro for iOS 11 without jailbreak

Apple doesn’t allow file downloads on iPhones and other iOS devices but that doesn’t stop the developers from trying. Every now and then you will see a Downloader app slipping through the app review process of Apple. As soon as those apps start to surface and get some attention, Apple removes them from the App Store. I will not waste your time because at the time you are reading this, Apple might have started removing the App.


As I mentioned earlier, the app is available in the App store and you can get it for free. If you download the app using your Apple ID and then you will have the app forever. Even if Apple decides to remove it from the App Store, you will still be able to download it from the purchased section of the App Store.

Video Downloader iOS 11 without Jailbreak

How to use it for video downloads

I am hoping that you get this app on your iPhone before Apple removes it and if you have this app, let me show you how to use it to download any video from the internet on your iPhone.

  1. Open the app and don’t allow on the notification popup. You can hit allow but I like to keep my notifications clean.
  2. Now choose the browser option from the menu and you will see a browser built inside the App.
  3. Here you can visit any website that has a video on it. I will not tell you which site to visit but you hopefully know which one to go to.
  4. Once you are on the page that has the video, hit the play button and the video will start to load. Instead of playing the video, you will be presented with a popup which allows you to save the video.
  5. Click Download As and start the download from the top of the page.
  6. The download will start and you can leave the App running in the background and do what you like and the download progress will continue.
  7. Once the download it finished, you will be able to watch the video from the videos & music section inside the app.

I am not going to take a lot of your time and that is why I will not be highlighting some of the other cool features of this app like a file manager. If you found this video downloader pro app for iOS 11 helpful then make sure to share it with your friends and follow us on Twitter for more updates like this.

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  1. i love this app ….. but i can not update it for ios11. i live in switzerland .. doeas that matter? thx !!

  2. Nope, it doesn’t. The thing is, the developers need to update the app to a x64 architecture. After that you can use the app.

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