cider apk best ios emulator for android

Cider APK Download – Install iPhone apps on Android?

If you are using an Android smartphone, and you want to install iPhone apps on your phone, Cider app promises to do this. Let us see what is Cider APK, how to download it and how to use it to run iPhone apps on Android.

cider apk best ios emulator for android

Why install iOS apps on Android?

Now, if you are using Android for a while, you may already know Android and iOS are two completely different platforms. And it is virtually impossible to install iOS apps on Android. But if you are not aware of the difference between both platforms, let me explain it with a story.

I would like to add my story of getting my first Android Smartphone here. If you are not interested and you just want to download Cider APK, feel free to scroll down.

When I first got my Android Smartphone, iPhone was very expensive and I thought all the smartphones are equal. So I got an HTC Wildfire S thinking that it has double the RAM as of iPhone 3GS, do it must be faster. But I soon realized that iPhone, despite having half RAM, is a lot faster than Android. Then I got to know that iPhone has iOS which is completely different than Android.

Can you install iPhone apps on Android?

As I said earlier, Android and iOS and two completely different operating systems. Android is open source, iOS is a closed ecosystem. Apple doesn’t allow you to install any app other than ones from App Store. Android is the polar opposite of it. Anyone can make any kind of app for Android and install it.

Android works in a virtual java environment on top of Linux. iOS doesn’t have to run on a virtual machine. In short, it is virtually impossible to install iPhone apps on Android. And even if you are able to get the iOS apps to work on Android, it will run extremely slow.

Because the Android phones are not built to run iOS apps.

What is Cider App?

Cider in an app that allows you to run iOS apps on Android, but it works more like an iOS emulator for Android. The apps don’t actually run on your Android phone. Honestly, I would suggest you to not install it. You can get other apps from Play Store to simulate iOS UI on Android.

Cider APK Download

As far as I know, Cider app was first introduced for Android Froyo(2.2) devices but later on, it was removed from the Play Store. Even though you can no longer download it officially, I have found the Cider APK file and you can download it from the link given below.

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How to install Cider APK on Android?

Installation of Cider APK is nothing different than any other APK file. All you have to do is follow a simple procedure and it will be installed on your Android phone. If you have installed any APK file in the past, this should not be a new thing to you. And for those who do it every now and then, it becomes second nature to them. I have shared the same method on my AppVPN APK, Trinus VR APK and all other APK tutorials.

  1. First of all, download the Cider APK file on your phone. If you have downloaded on your PC, you will have to copy it to your phone using a USB cable.
  2. Now open Settings on your Android phone and navigate to security settings. Here you will have to enable an option called ‘Unknown Sources’. If it is already enabled then leave it as it is and go back to the home screen.cider apk download iOS emulator for Android
  3. After that, open the downloads folder of your SD Card storage and here you will be able to find the Cider APK file that you downloaded earlier. Just click on it and it will take you to the installation screen.
  4. Press Install and wait for the app to install completely. Now go back to the home screen and you can open the Cider app now.

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