Top 5 Android icon packs that you should try on your custom launcher!

Android’s flexibility and it’s ecosystem is so stunning that it gives your a tons of features and stuff to do which is not available on any other OS out there in the market. If freedom to design your device’s UI according to you is concerned Android has always been the choice of billions. Though i do prefer iOS over Android but if i do like to see a a interface which is customized according to me, my vote surely goes into the Android’s bucket.

Today, i decided to shortlist the best icon apps that i liked the most. Well, there are many other in the Play store both free and paid so you are not bounded by my choice but even though i liked 5 of them very much and tried them one by one. They look fantastic on high resolution displays and even on 720p displays as well.


Moonshine icon pack is my all time favorite not just because it’s on the top, I like it the most because of it’s new updated icons which gives a same look of Android L on my Kitkat device. Since the time Android L was announced i liked it the most in the Android’s development history. So, the reason is very clear that why Moonshine icon pack is my favorite one!

best icon packs for android


The icon pack covers almost all the common apps on your Android device and if they don’t do so you can request to the developer for this by using the built in option which is fantastic. The icons are flat and vivid. Colors used in them are excellent and the icons design really resembles the feature for which the app is actually meant. Moonshine icon pack don’t come with irrelevant icons.


If you are a fan of rounded icons then you must try Retro UI Icon pack once you will definitely fall in love with it. Retro UI Icon Pack comes with great variety of icons to choose from and the list if really very pretty. If you are a fan of rounded circular icons then this is the app you are looking for.

best icon packs for android


The icons of the pack are flat and they are not very much bright colored or like that in fact designer has used very sober colors for the icons which makes it look different in the crowed and makes it one of my selected icons pack which i would recommend you over many others. Though it is a paid pack but if you want to give a try to it you can download the pirated version from internet. I never recommend you to download the pirated apps for security reasons but to make a choice it is a good deal.


Don’t worry square icon lovers I’m here with something for you! CardStock icon pack is the best choice for square icons lovers because it has a huge collection of icons which gives a premium look to your Android’s interface and really has something which adds the value to it.

best icon packs for android


The icon pack is a paid one but i think spending this much amount for the beauty of your mobile is worth the penny. The icons looks stunning on flat wallpapers and it also looks very good on dull wallpapers. I must appreciate the designer for putting such a great imagination for the designing of the icons. However, the pack comes with inbuilt wallpapers like all others do but their collection is made to match the beauty of icons. Shadows used in the icons are also very great and worth having!


Love darkness? love metrix style? Want to give a geeky look to your device? Well, CyanRounds Icon pack is the best icon pack which gives a glow to the Android’s Ui when installed. The pack comes with over 400+ icons in the list and they are constantly updating.

best icon packs for android


The icon pack has a very unique color selection which ia dded to all the icons. The icons works best on dark backgrounds and looks even more stunning with black backgrounds. The icon pack is free to download and it is worth having for geeks who want a different look for their device.


best icon packs for android

This is for those who love HTC devices like me! HTC’s Sense UI is really amazing and it gives a refreshed looks to the Android’s UI. However, this icon pack has a great combination of HTC’s Sense UI and even from developer’s own mind.


The icon pack will work best with Nova launcher as per my testing. While using in some other launchers i found a bit color correction with the icons. Go for it, it is free to download and give your device a new look and feel today!

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