The Best iOS 11 Jailbreak Tweaks – Updated for Electra

Recently the team Electra was successful in the Jailbreak of iOS 11 and we made a step by step guide on how to install Cydia on iOS 11 with & without a computer. Lets suppose that you restored your iPhone to iOS 11.3.1 and installed the Jailbreak, now what? As we all know that Jailbreak without tweaks is useless. Today I will show you some of the best new Cydia Tweaks for iOS 11 Jailbreak. I will also include the source repos for all the Tweaks so you can get it from Cydia.

The Best New Cydia Tweaks for iOS 11 Jailbreak

Before I start listing the Cydia Tweaks, let me give you a news that the iOS 11.3.1 Electra Jailbreak has been updated to support the iOS 11.4 Beta 3. Which is, as I am writing this post, is being signed by Apple. This means that you can still downgrade from iOS 11.4 and iOS 12 to 11.4 Beta 3 for the jailbreak.


This tweak is pretty cool, it allows you to change the color of the icon labels on the home screen. It works flawlessly on the iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak and you can get it from the Cydia, without any 3rd-party repo.

After the installation of this tweak, it adds a separate section inside the Settings app. This is where you can enable it and choose the color of your choice, for the labels.


This tweak tries to be dope, as the name suggests. With this tweak, your Settings app will look a little different. Basically, it renames all of the Settings options to some interesting stuff. Have a look at the image given below.

Best cydia tweaks


When the iPhone X came out, many people complained about the way keyboard is placed in the UI. Basically, there is a blank bar which is wasting the screen real estate when you type. The Barmoji tweaks takes that black bar and uses it for an emoji bar. This way you can use emojis on a single tap.



Many iPhone users prefer an percentage number next to the battery icon of their iPhone. But if you have an iPhone X, Apple doesn’t allow this percentage number. BatteryPercentX tries to solve this problem by replacing the battery icon with the percentage. It looks super clean and doesn’t get cut by the notch. I don’t know why Apple didn’t add this option in the iPhoneX.



This Cydia tweak allows you to change the layout of the control center on your iPhone. You can choose how many rows and columns of icons you want to have.

This is a very simple tweak but it can help solve the problem of having the icons on the wrong places.


You know when you force touch or ‘3d touch” any icon on the home screen on iPhone, it shows you a menu and blurs the rest of the display. CuttleFish is a very simple tweak and all it does is that it will add a tint, of the App icon color, to the blur. So, if you 3D press youtYou icon, it will add a slight red tint to the blur, Blue for Facebook and so on.


Usually when you open a folder on the home screen of the iPhone, the status bar will be hidden. This simple tweaks stops this behavior and makes the status bar visible when you open any folder.


Normally, on the iPhone X, you will have to press and hold the app inside the app switcher to bring up the X button. And then you can close the apps.

EasySwitcherX removes the need of holding to close. Basically, you can open the app switcher and then you can start swiping the apps away.


That’s it for now, I will try to keep this list of tweaks updated with more fresh tweaks. If you have any tweak suggestion, drop them in the comments section below. If you found this article helpful, make sure to share with others and also don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for more updates from us.

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