AnyDrop 3 for iOS 9 – Send any file via AirDrop

Apple introduced the concept of AirDrop in it’s products which is a really awesome feature. AirDrop allows iOS and Mac Users to share certain files with other AirDrop supported devices. The most annoying thing for Apple users is that there are very few things you can share via AirDrop which is a very big restriction for iPhone and Mac users. This article deals with the problem and with AnyDrop 3 for iOS 9, you can share almost any file you want via AirDrop.

AnyDrop 3 for iOS 9

AirDrop uses Wi-Fi Direct to communicate with other AirDrop supported devices around your device and then connects with those devices to transmit the files and stuff. AirDrop file transfer speeds are very high because of Wi-Fi Direct. AnyDrop 3 for iOS 9 uses the same Wi-Fi Direct communication medium but with AnyDrop 3, you can share literally any file in your system. You can also browse the file system using some file explorer and share that file via AnyDrop 3.


Do the receiving device need AnyDrop 3 for iOS 9?

Well you do require AnyDrop 3 on your iOS 9 device to send the file but great news is that the receiving device does not require AnyDrop 3. In fact, the receiving device doesn’t even require Jailbreak. In simple words AnyDrop 3 for iOS 9 teaches Apple how to implement AirDrop.

AnyDrop 3 also supports a couple of extensions which takes AnyDrop 3 to a new height. Currently AnyDrop 3 supports 2 extensions i.e  YouTube Extension and Music Extension.

Anydrop 3 for iOS 9

With YouTube Extension, you can download and Share YouTube videos via AirDrop without Cercube or any other tweak. Music Extension allows you to send any music from your Music library via AurDrop.

How to get AnyDrop 3 in iOS 9?

Enough of talk, Where I can get AnyDrop 3 for iOS 9 and how much it costs? AnyDrop 3 for iOS 9 is a jailbreak app which is available at HackYouriPhone repo for $2.99 which is nothing if you love to share files via AirDrop. If you already own AnyDrop 2, you can upgrade to AnyDrop 3 for $0.99 only.


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