Pokemon Go Simulator APK – Quickly level up in Pokemon Go without root

There are many pokemon go hacks that are still working on both Android and iOS. A lot of people are actually buying and selling pokemon go accounts with high levels on Amazon and ebay. Today I will show you how to hack Pokemon Go and quickly level up using Pokemon Go Simulator APK file.

Pokemon Go Simulator APK – Quickly level up in Pokemon Go without root

Before I start, keep in mind that it is Pokemon Go Simulator bot APK that we are using. And Niantic is permanently banning all the cheaters. I would highly recommend you make a new trainer account and use that for this hack. Because you will get permanently banned eventually.

  1. You will need to download original Pokemon Go app from playstore. If you already have hacked pokemon go running on your Android phone, delete that first.
  2. You will also need to download and install pokemon go Simulator bot apk file. After downloaded, install it on your Android phone like any other app. You might also need to enable Unknown Sources from security settings of your Android device. 
  3. Once you have both the apps installed, open pokemon go and login with your new trainer account. Compete the startup tour and catch your first pokemon.
  4. Now go back to homepage and open pokemon go simulation hack. Here you have to open menu and enter your login details of new pokemon go account. 
  5. Once done, simply select the location from map and press start button. 
  6. The Simulator will automatically start catching all the pokemons and other goodies for you. 
  7. Now stop the bot and open the game. You will start seeing all the progress in the game. 

That’s really all in this hack. Make sure that you never use your legit pokemon go account with this hack because this account will get banned eventually. Just create new account, enjoy, have fun and keep visiting for more information about everything tech. 


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