How to get free domain name registration Legit method

Getting free domain name registration is now easier than you might think. There plenty of ways you can try to get free domain name registration. In this post we’ll discuss three different ways of grabbing a free domain name that wouldn’t cost you anything.

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I have listed all three methods below and you can jump right to them by clicking the page number below.

  1. Domain name extensions that are available for free. E.g. .tk, .ga etc
  2. Web hosting companies that let you have any publicly available domain name, if you buy their web hosting service.
  3. Secret trick to get free domain name registration and free web hosting.

These are three ways you can get free domain name registration. Now I will show you exactly how these ways work.

1st method for free domain name registration.

Note: This method works for 1st year and after that you have to get your free domain name registration renewed.

  1. Open web browser on your computer and goto
  2. Search from any available domain that you like. There are plenty of extensions to choose from. E.g. .tk, .ga, .ml, .cf and .gq
  3. There is another company out there which puts huge discounts of new domain extensions. Alpnames is the company and you may be able to register a domain name of your choice in .science extension for free.

Note: Even though, these domain extensions may don’t seem to be familiar, these are domain names that are available for free and you can’t complain.

If this method doesn’t send appealing to you, because of the tld extensions, you can go to next pages for other methods or getting free domain name registration.

2nd method for free domain name registration.

This method allows you to register any domain name extension including .com, .net, .org and many others as well. But there are some cons of this method that are listed below.


There are web hosting companies that let you get choose any domain name and that domain name comes bundled with your purchase of web hosting.

  1. Godaddy lets you purchase web hosting for as low as $1 per month and provides free domain name with your purchase.
  2. is also an company which lets you register free domain name with their web hosting. Plans starting from $0.99 per month.
  3.  iPage is a very good hosting company which lets you signup for their base web hosting plan for less than $2 a month. With free domain name registration.

There may be many other web hosting companies which lets you register a free domain name with their hosting plan but I want to keep it short and simple.

3rd method for free domain name registration and free web hosting

This method is my favorite because you don’t even have to pay a penny, to get a free domain name registration and web hosting.

[sociallocker]Note: This method will only work if you are in the US and have a US-based phone number for verification.

  1. Goto this link and register for webhosting and domain name. For 1st year, you wouldn’t get charged.
  2. Enter your name, United States postal address and US-based phone number.
  3. will call you for verification and you wouldn’t get your free domain name and free web hosting if you are unable to provide the verification.

Note: Google voice and other virtual phone numbers may not work. But you can always try to find a workaround if you are not in the US. [/sociallocker]

So here you have it. If you liked our article, don’t forget to share with others as well. If you have any question or feedback, please comment that below.

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