ExpressVPN in-depth Review – Is it Worth the Price?

Security, Speed, Customization, Usage and Stability, The 5 fundamental aspects of a great VPN. Today, let’s find out how ExpressVPN scores in each of these categories, each based on importance, for a total score out of 5. Is ExpressVPN worth the extra cost or will it fail? Let’s go ahead and find out.

ExpressVPN in-depth Review – Is it Worth the Price?

ExpressVPN indepth review


Let’s begin with security ExpressVPN doesn’t log with the exception of time stamps and bandwidth, which isn’t a huge deal. But it’s also not 100 percent log free. The service checks out on that one privacy site, except its inability to meet PrivacyToolsIO criteria, which to be fair is pretty difficult to accomplish.

It uses AES-256 data encryption and CA-4096 Handshake Encryption, which are both extremely strong. As for testing, it did change my IP address, it passed the Hidester DNS leak test as well as extended test.

Overall security is extremely strong it’s just not quite perfect. The VPN scores 4.5 stars on Security.


On to speed, I ran OOKLA Speed Test 3 times throughout the day, with and without a VPN. My ping on average increased by 52% using the VPN, download speeds on average decrease by 19% and upload results came out at a 15 percent decrease.

ExpressVPN indepth review

I then downloaded the Ubuntu torrent 3 times with and without the VPN. It increased the amount of time to download, an average of 21 percent. Overall the speed isn’t bad but it’s definitely not the best I’ve seen in the VPN. It is very consistent though, which is a good trait, but I’m going to have to give it 3 stars on speed.

Settings & Customization

Let’s go to Settings and Connection Customization, as a whole the settings are pretty limited but there’s still a decent amount of options. They do offer a huge amount of protocols, a kill switch and a few extra settings here and there. But similar to the speed I’m going to say decent but not great. So it scores 3 stars in this category.


The Windows program is pretty good but no complaints outside of it’s kind of boring UI. Very similar story over on OS X. It was amazing to see ExpressVPN offers partial Linux support, it’s not a full GUI client but they do have a command line program which is great.

It was a nice facility, they don’t just make you download profiles and you know they call that their Linux support.

Over on iPhone, the app is super simple and I have no complaint there, and the experience is exactly the same on android. Overall the VPN is great with the exception of a pretty boring user interface, in addition to a not fully functional Linux client.

4 stars for Usage.


As a whole, stability is phenomenal. I never had any crashes, issues or hiccups using the service. Really not much else to say. It’s pretty much perfect here. Easy 5 stars

ExpressVPN indepth review

ExpressVPN’s final score came out to be 4.15 which we round up to 4.2, meaning the service is great. The main downsides of the service was a lack of settings, not the fastest speeds I’ve seen and no complete Linux client.

ExpressVPN indepth review

That is it, everybody. If you want to see how ExpressVPN stack up against other VPN services make sure to read my other reviews like IPVanish VPN and Turbo VPN, Don’t forget to share this review if it helped you, and definitely follow us on twitter for more like this.

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