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Design Custom Cases For Your Nexus Phones With Google’s New Service

Google is about to launch a new service for nexus users. This service will be introduced today. Through this service, Google will let you design custom cases for nexus devices in just 35$. This service will be available only for recently launched nexus phones that is Nexus 5x, 6 and 6P.

In this service, you can have 2 variations of live cases. One will let you take and print the photo on the case. While the other one allows to design and print the map on your case with the help of Google Maps. Both the variations are personalized and enable users to stylize the things.


As this thing is coming from Google, so there’s a tech built in it. According to Google, this case allows to open the app with single button present on this case. This button is a programmable and it is using the NFC technology.

After you’re done with the stylizing of the case and ordered it. Google will allow you to set the wallpaper of same design as that case.

I haven’t used any type of case yet. But the map cases are looking pretty cool. All these features are coming your way in just 35$ which is okay. As the competitors didn’t offering the customized cases for the nexus 5x, 6 and 6p phones. Also they are not giving the programmable shortcut key.

Source : TechCrunch

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