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Airplane Enhancer+ Schedule Airplane mode in iOS 9

Airplane mode is not an awesome feature of not just iPhone or iPod touch but every smart device out there. Basically airplane mode is used to turn off every single radio in your smartphone, in this case iPhone. WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM, LTE and every other module which transmits or receives any kind of signals is called radio.

With airplane mode you are literally limiting the battery usage of your iPhone by a lot. But there are a bunch of problems that come with the benefits of airplane mode. Airplane Enhancer+ tackles these problems for iOS 9 users.

Problems with Airplane mode in iOS 9

  • SIM card is turned off and you can’t make any phone calls or Sms. If you want to use your sim card then you need to turn off airplane mode which will take a minute or so to get the signals back.
  • You can’t use 3G or LTE because mobile data is deactivated with airplane mode.
  • GPS is also turned off in Airplane mode so you can’t use location services and most importantly Find my iPhone also gets limited.

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How to install Airplane Enhancer+ for free

While Airplane Enhancer+ is a paid tweak on bigboss repository and costs $3 but you can get to try airplane Enhancer+ for free. Before I tell you how you can download it for free, let me tell you benefits and features of this tweak which will help you decide weather you need it or not.

Downloading or using paid piece of software for free is piracy and I am not responsible for any piracy you do. This tutorial is strictly meant for educational purposes and try the tweak before buying the full version.

  1. Open Cydia and tap on Sources tab.
  2. Tap on Edit button in the top right corner and then tap on Add button on the top left corner.
  3. Now add any one of the following urls and tap on Add Source.
  6. Now you can search for Airplane Enhancer+ and install it for free.
    How to install Airplane Enhancer+ for free ios 9
    Click to enlarge


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Benefits of Airplane Enhancer+

  1. Airplane Enhancer+ let’s you set up schedule for the times of the day you want airplane mode to be turned on and off. This feature can become a great little companion in your daily life. Often times we are interrupted by a call or SMS while we are trying to concentrate on something important. Such as students can set schedule of airplane mode according to their school so they can concentrate on studies and not on Facebook.
  2. There is also an option of setting up three different profiles in which you can define which service to turn off in the Airplane mode and which services you want the airplane mode to skip.
  3. Airplane Enhancer+ turns you iPhone sleep into deep sleep. This will turn the airplane mode on when you lock the screen of your iPhone. Now you might be thinking that what if I want to keep a couple of apps accessing the internet while blocking others? Well airplane Enhancer+ also include a filter in which you can select which apps you don’t want to kill when you put your iPhone in lock.

Finally thoughts

To conclude I can say that while airplane mode is a very good feature to increase battery backup of your iPhone but Airplane Enhancer+ takes airplane mode to a whole new level of convenience and adds to your productivity by limiting certain things in your iPhone.

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  1. I have bougth the application for shudele airplane mode between 10pm to 8am
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