Download complete Udemy Video course for free

Today I will show you how you can download any Udemy video course for free. This method works on PC, MAC as well as Linux.

Download udemy course for free

To continue you will require python installed on your system. If you already have python installed on your PC, you can skip the installation.

  1. First of all download python from official python site and install it on your PC.
  2. Now you would need to go to Start menu and search for “Environmental variables “
  3. Once you are there, add “path” as “C:\Python34;C:\python34\scripts”. For reference, see the image below.
  4. download-udemy-courses-free
  5. Restart your PC. This step is recommended but sometimes you might get it working without needing to reboot.
  6. Now you need to open Windows Powershell and run following command.
  7. pip install youtube-dl
  8. If everything went right, youtube-dl script will get installed on your system and you can proceed to next step.
  9. Now you can simply download any course from udemy by entering following command.
  10. youtube-dl -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD URLOfCourse
  11. Don’t forget to replace USERNAME with your Email address, PASSWORD with your actual password and URLOfCourse with URL of the course.

Note: You can only download those courses which are added in your Udemy account.  If you have purchased the course, only then you can download the course.

If you are facing any issue while installing or downloading, please make sure that you have updated youtube-dl. Simply run this command, “youtube-dl – U” to update the script. If the problem still presists, then contact the developer.

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