Blackmart Alpha APK – Review & Download Link

If you want to download paid apps for free on your Android phone and don’t want to keep searching for APK files download links, You have come to the right page. Today I will tell you about Blackmart Alpha APK app and will provide you latest download link at the end. If you are here just to download the Blackmart APK, feel free to scroll down and download it without reading the review.

Blackmart Alpha APK Download & Review

Blackmart Alpha is a 3rd-party App Store, just like Google play Store, where you can download almost any paid apps for free. Whether it be Premium VPN or a paid game like GTA SA, you can simply search it inside Blackmart Alpha App, and it will probably have it available for you.

Before you scroll down and download the Blackmart APK file, keep in mind that not everything with Blackmart is great. You can download paid apps for free and all of the paid and free apps are available inside one app. Sounds great, right? Actually, there are some drawbacks that might change your mind.

Why you should NOT get Blackmart Alpha APK

  • First of all, Blackmart Alpha allows you to install paid apps for free which is obviously an act of piracy. Eventhough I don’t think there will be any legal action against you if you use blackmart apk but still it is morally wrong.
  • There are many cases on the internet where people installed paid apps from Blackmart APK and that paid app was containing some adware or malware. If this happens to you and you have some sensitive information inside your Android phone, you can become a victim of hacking.
  • If the above mentioned reasons are not enough for you to stop, then I would tell you that many of the apps that are available inside Blackmart Alpha are either older versions or don’t even work. That is because a lot of the app developers have developed a mechanism to detect the piracy apps and have made their apps useless for unauthorized users.

Reason why you should consider Blackmart Alpha

I already provided some of the main reasons why you should not install blackmart alpha, but if you are that guy who needs reasons to get blackmart alpha. I have a couple of understandable reasons why you may consider getting it.

  • The best part about android is that all the apps can be so different from each other that you might not even recognize that it is android. For example The Amazon Fire TV Stick, that mini computer stick is built upon android but a lot of people think that it is not. That is because Amazon has get rid of Google Play Services altogether. And this is one understandable reason why you might have to have Blackmart Alpha APK. Because you want to install apps like Kodi on your Fire TV Stick. Right?
  • Blackmart Alpha can help you get essential apps on your Xiaomi phone also, that is again understandable considering there is no Google Play store on most of the Xiaomi phones as well.

Download BlackMart Alpha APK

Even though I am not responsible for any piracy and I have discouraged you enough. If you still want to download Blackmart Alpha APK, I have provided you with a direct link where you can find latest version of blackmart APK file.


That is it for this quick review of Blackmart Alpha app store. If you found this post helpful then make sure to share it and follow us twitter for more like this.

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