Apps similar to Snapchat

Apps similar to Snapchat – Top 5 Snapchat alternatives

Snapchat is an amazing social networking app with a unique idea of custom filters and automatically deleted snaps. Unfortunately this idea is no longer unique as more and more apps take “inspiration” from snapchat to make their own version of it. Today I will be showing you a list of 5 apps similar to Snapchat.

Apps Similar to Snapchat

Apps similar to Snapchat

Snapchat has a fusion of a lot of features and this list may or may not fit your description of “Snapchat Alternatives”. What I mean by that is if you are looking for an app that has custom filters and face changing features then you can get apps like “Face Swap live pro” and if you are looking for the auto delete messages then you can get apps like “Dust

Without any further delay, I think we should start the list of popular apps similar to Snapchat. Spoiler alert: Most of the apps are owned by Facebook.


Snapchat alternatives 2017

Instagram, acquired by Facebook, is one of the most popular photo sharing social network. With millions of monthly users, you can easily find almost anyone on Instagram. Recently the social app announced a feature of Stories like Snapchat.

With a user base so big, Instagram stories are getting more and more popular and the stories are self destructed similar to Snapchat. Other than that you are also allowed to stream live to interact with your followers.

Direct message feature is already available on Instagram and now with stories, Instagram is the best Snapchat Alternative.

Facebook Messenger:

Top apps similar to Snapchat

Facebook messenger is not usually seen as an alternative to Snapchat but with recent updates, Facebook has decided to add self destructive stories feature similar to Snapchat to the Messenger. I don’t think a lot of people use this feature but the feature is there and you can use it as an alternative to Snapchat.

The main plus point of Facebook messenger is the fact that Facebook has the highest number of users among all networks. The reason why I think this is the main plus point is because you can find almost anyone on Facebook. And with Facebook stories, you can follow them more closely.

I still believe that not a lot of people use the Messenger stories feature but Facebook has a lot of potential to market this feature and make is mainstream.


Apps like Snapchat

Another app from Facebook and this time, it is the most popular instant messenger available. Whatsapp was never intended to become a Snapchat alternative but it seems like Facebook has decided to steal snapchat story feature and implement it to almost all of their apps.

Whatsapp has made quite a buzz with their end-to-end encryption and it has emerged as the best alternative to SMS as well as iMessage for Android. You can create Groups, receive read receipt and the best part is it’s free.

One could ask, why Facebook bought whatsapp for $19 billion and then made it free for life? Well, there is nothing free on the internet, either you purchase a product or you are sold as a product.

The stories feature of Whatsapp has quite a lot of similarities with Snapchat. The stories are self destructive and you can add custom filters to your stories, similar to Snapchat.


Apps similar to Snapchat

If you are looking for an alternative to Snapchat because of the self destructive messages features, Wickr is the best solution for that. In my opinion, Snapchat is a lot more glamorous than wicker but when it comes to security features, wicker is better.

You can chat with friends in 1 on 1 conversations and you can also chat in groups on wicker. The main highlight feature on this app is the granular control over the expiry and security of the messages.

You can choose who can access your messages and you can also choose for how long your messages are accessible. Sending pictures, videos and other types of media is a standard feature in all instant messaging apps including Wickr but the end-to-end encryption is also there which is not very common.


Apps like Snapchat 2018

The first thing that comes to my mind, when I see ClipChat is a Snapchat clone. But there are some differences between ClipChat and Snapchat. The only way of communicating with your friends on ClipChat is by sending videos to each other. This can make the experience very limited but it can also make the experience “Efecient & Vivid” according to ClipChat.

The only plus point of using ClipChat over any other instant messaging app is that you don’t have to type anything. Although it is an alternative to Snapchat but I don’t think anyone would switch to ClipChat just to limit themselves.

To conclude, I can say that there are quite a lot of alternatives to Snapchat and you could have any reason to look for apps similar to Snapchat but the fusion of the features and user base makes Snapchat a really awesome app. Although Facebook is trying to copy Snapchat features, I would like Snapchat to stay on top cause they are the first one to bring the idea of snaps to the masses.

That’s all for this quick round-up of apps similar to Snapchat. If you like what you read then make sure to share it with your friends and followers on social networking sites. You can also follow us on twitter for more tips, tricks and posts like this one.

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