23 amazing facts about human eyes

Eyes are one of the most vital parts of human body. There are some mind blowing facts about human eyes that you didn’t even think about. Almost every human being is born with a pair of eyes except some unlucky people who are born blind. There are many questions about human eyes that you can’t answer. What if I ask you what is resolution, in megapixels, human eye can see? What is focal length, aperture and width of human eye lens?

On the other hand if I ask you about the resolution of iPhone 6 camera, many of you will answer in a moment. Today I will be telling you some mind boggling facts about human eyes.

1-5 Amazing facts about human eyes

  • Human babies can only look up to 15 inches far from their eyes. Eyes get better gradually add the baby gets older.
  • Newly born baby’s eyes can get damaged by just flash of a smartphone camera flash. Nowadays there are many relatives eager to capture newly born babies with their smartphones but if they forget to disable flashlight of the camera, it can do a permanent damage to the baby. Here is a news story tells just how easily a baby went blind because of a smartphone flash light.
  • Eyes grow in size from your birth till death. But the growth is very minor. There are some diseases that can cause increase of eyeballs size drastically, but those are diseases.
  • An avg person blinks his eyes 17 times a minute. Ladies usually blink their eyes more often than men.
  • There are more than 2 million working parts in one human eye. Thats exactly 6 digit after 2.

6-10 Interesting human facts about human eyes

    • Average weight of a human eyeball is nearly an ounce.
    • Human eyes are the most complex body part after our brain. This shows how advance medical science has came that now 2nd most complex body part is treated with lasers. 🙂
    • Humans tend to blink their eyes more often while speaking and that is a test you can notice if you had this fact left in your mind.
  • Human eyes have 12+ times more characteristics than a human fingerprint. Eye has 256 unique characteristics as compared to 20 in a fingerprint. That’s reason behind retina-based security systems are become more popular by everyday.
  • A human eye has 72 times more megapixels than Apple iPhone 6′s rear camera. The numbers are 576 and 8 respectively. Guys time to take more care of your eyes than your phone :p

11-15 mind blowing facts about human eyes.


  • Human eyes have optical image stabilization which is latest feature of Apple iPhone 6 plus and Samsung Galaxy S6. Our God is so perfect, right?
  • Muscles of human eyes could perform just the they are, even if they were 100 times weak, but eyes are the most sensitive part on human body that’s the reason of having this strong muscles.
  • Your eyes see everything upside down and then our brain does all the post-processing to encode what our eyes are seeing. Have you even tried to see through a camera lens? That is where this fact shows up.
  • Our eyes can distinguish between 10 million colors. Latest smartphone are coming with screens producing 16 million colors. Isn’t that overkill?
  • There is a genetic mutation which lets humans see millions of more colors. Now here 16 million color displays make sense. 😀 [/sociallocker]

16-23 facts about human eyes

  • Alcohol consumption is not good for human health but according to a survey, people with blue eyes may have more alcohol tolerance. I am not saying you should drink more but…
  • Albert Einstein’s eyes are saved in a safe box in The New York City. Does it make sense? Anyways, here is a source.
  • Your eyes can get strained but they are immuned to sunburn. 🙂 can you even see the sun without any filter?
  • Blue eyes tend to be more sensitive to light than black.
  • You can’t sneeze with your eyes open. I know now you will try to do this 😀
  • Human eyes can differentiate more shades of green than any other color, that’s the reason of night vision goggles are green.
  • Human eyebrows renew after 64 days on their own. Now you people know who pull eyebrow hairs?
  • Green eyes are the most rare eye color. It is estimated that only 2% of humans have green eyes. This number is may go down by time but God knows best. 🙂

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