PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks – Get Chicken Dinner Every Time – No Ban

PUBG is one of many Online FPS games but it is one of a kind when it comes to mobile gaming. Sure you can play Fortnite but PUBG Mobile has better graphics and a lot more going for it. This is why it has one of the top online players all the time. If you have been playing PUBG on your smartphone for some time, you will know that as you progress and get more and more achievements, you are matched with players that are of the same or higher level than you. This makes it very difficult to win the game and get that chicken dinner. Today I will give you some PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks that will help you win and get chicken dinner in every match. Don’t worry, you wouldn’t get banned for using these tricks.

PUBG Mobile Tips & Tricks – Chicken Dinner Every Time



Before I tell you the secrets of PUBG Mobile game, let me tell you that using the sometimes is fun but it can ruin the fun if you keep using these tricks all the time. Just like all the online games, it is only fun to play if no one has unfair advantage. These tricks can give you unfair advantage in the game, which I would not recommend.

Using 3rd-Party Trigger Buttons

It doesn’t matter how much practice of playing PUBG on a phone you have, you can not beat a pro playing at a console or PC. That is why PUBG has made both the categories separate. Basically, if you are playing PUBG Mobile on a PC, using the official emulator, you can not compete with Mobile players. This is because using emulator on PC gives you an unfair advantage. But you can only be so good at mobile because there isn’t much screen space. There are many software solutions that allow you to connect Mouse & Keyboard with PUBG on smartphone, but those are getting banned.

The only way to replicate the Console Controller feel on the smartphone, without getting banned, is by using 3rd-party hardware. You can get different kinds of triggers and grips from Amazon, and use these on your phone without any risk of getting banned.

Always stay with your squad

This tip doesn’t apply if you are playing solo, but if you like to play with the squad, this is the most important tip to survive the longest. Before the game starts, choose one of the squad members to be the leader. Always stick together, even before dropping from the plane.

Parachute the fastest & reach first

pubg mobile tips 2019

When the match starts, you have to just from the plane and parachute to the location of your choice. If you can get to the ground first, you will have a headstart to pick all the guns and armor.

To reach the ground as soon as possible, you will need to select a location on the map and then jump when it is 750m far from the plane. Now keep looking straight down and hold the left joystick to slightly right or left. This is how you can reach the maximum speed of dropping.

Circle Around the Play Zone Edges

At the end of the match, when you have only a few people left in the play zone, you will most probably snake around, use a stone or house as a cover but this is already expected by the enemies. I would suggest that you can sometimes circle around the edges of the playzone. This is not something that your enemies are expecting. And you can catch them from where they are not expecting you.

Spot our enemies quicker

pubg mobile tips tricks 2019

It can be really annoying when you are getting shot at, and you don’t seem to find the enemy. This happens with almost all of the players because almost 90% of the times your enemy will be using some sort of cover to hide. Now you can determine the direction of your enemy by simply looking at the map, and then you should always look at things that can be used as cover.

For example, if you are getting shot at from your right, look at all the trees, stones and houses to spot your target.

Always Hip Fire in Close Range

When your enemies are near you, always fire from the hip, not from the aim. When you are firing without aiming from the scope, you have the full view of your enemies and you can quickly compensate for their movement. If you will use scope in the near range, you will probably get shot very easily.

Never Move When Shooting Flair Gun

When you are shooting the flair gun, always stay still. If you will move while shooting the flair gun, the flair will drop on the ground and you won’t be able to get those drop loots.

Pan is Bullet Proof

Never underestimate the power of that cast iron pan. It is Bullet Proof. If you have it on your back, it can save you from bullets coming from the back and if you hold it in your hand while running towards your enemy, it can deflect of of the bullets.

Use Smoke Grenade as Frag Grenade

In situations where you don’t have Frag Grenade, use Smoke Grenade and this can sometimes trick your enemy to move out of his cover. This is possible because all the grenades make the same sound.

Burst the Vehicle Tires with Punches

While taking cover behind a vehicle, always burst it’s tires with punches. If you will do the same with an AR, it will end up disclosing your location and your enemies will definitely shoot you.

Save from the Frag Grenade

Grenade is something that can kill you even if it is thrown by your squad member, but did you know the you can save from the Grenade by not being in it’s line of sight. For example, you can snake behide a small wall or hide behind a tree to survive the grenade. It won’t even hurt you.

Superman Punches

If you punch you enemies while standing, you take 1 health per punch, but if you jump and punch, it becomes the “Superman Punch” and take 3 health from your enemies.

That’s it for this quick tips and tricks about the PUBG Mobile. There are a lot of other tips that could be included in this tutorial. If you know any of the tips, don’t forget to drop them in the comments section below and I would love to include them in the article.

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