How to prevent permanent ban in Pokemon Go – iPhone and Android

Before I start telling you how to not get banned from Pokemon Go, I just want to let you guys know that all the methods and tips I have mentioned below apply to both iPhone and Android. So If you want to prevent permanent ban from Pokemon Go, this is the right place for you.

A lot of people are freaking out because Niantic, Developers of Pokemon Go, have made it clear that they are now going to ban the crap out of cheaters. So if you are using Hacked version of pokemon go for iPhone or Android, you should worry, cause the hammer can hit you anytime. But, if you will play the hacked pokemon go according to these Tips, you can stay calm and enjoy your latest Pokemon Go ultimate hack.

Tips to prevent permanent ban in Pokemon Go

Don’t teleport:

A lot of people have been installing the hacked versions of Pokemon Go on their iPhones and Android phones, just to teleport to another country and catch those vital Pokemons. Now just by looking at your location, Niantic can easily judge that you have been involved in GPS Spoofing. Just Imagine that you live in UK and you teleported to Eifel tower in Paris. Can you actually go that far in matter of seconds?prevent permanent ban pokemon go hack

Don’t leave any footprint:

Niantic have been soft-banning people who are leaving footprints for them and now the bans have gotten harder. What do I mean by footprint? Actually when players of hacked Pokemon Go close out of the game, they don’t realize that they have hacked their location to somewhere else. And when they open the game again, their location is changes back to their home. This is a clear footprint that you have been hacking the game. To prevent this from happening, almost every pokemon go hack includes a “Walk back to home” button. You should press that.prevent permanent ban pokemon go hack
Your character will start walking from hacked location towards your actual location inside the game. This will give an impression that you have actually walked back to home after catching Pokemons.

Have legit IP Address:

If you are hacking your location in Pokemon Go to some other city or country, lets say you hacked your location from Brooklyn to Manhattan, you should also get a VPN, that you give you the IP address of the hacked location. Niantic have been detecting IP Address of your smartphones and if the IP Address doesn’t belong to your location in the game, they might soft-ban you.

For Android Users:

I would highly suggest that you should root your Android phone now, if you want to stick to the Pokemon go hack on Android. That is because Niantic is also checking your Android phone’s settings to see if “Allow Mock Location” is enabled or not. Probably you wouldn’t be allowing mock locations for anything other than Pokemon Go. In case if you have rooted your Android phone, you should Install XPosed Framework and install “Mock Mock Location” module in it.

This will hide the mock location settings and show it as if it is turned off.


I told you guys that you shouldn’t teleport to somewhere far from your previous location in pokemon go, because that will ban you. While that is still true, I have found a workaround that you can follow and dodge the pokemon go soft ban.

Basically if you will teleport to somewhere else, Niantic servers will detect your location change and apply a soft-ban on your account for a couple of hours. This is called soft-ban for a reason. Because there is a way to break it.

All you have to do is go to your nearest pokestop and spin the image. It will keep spining and will not give any eggs or pokeballs, that’s normal. Just go back to map and tap on the Pokestop again. And spin the picture again. You have to go back and spin the image in pokestop for 40 or more times and then you will be able to play Pokemon Go while you are teleported to remote locations.

In future if there are some other tips to prevent permanent ban in Pokemon go, I will make sure to update this page. So make sure you bookmark our site and keep visiting for more updates. Share it with others and also drop a line in the comments section if you have any suggestion to prevent permanent ban in Pokemon Go.

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