We Need YOUR Help!

We have been working on our website and YouTube channel, to bring new and up to date apps for Amazon Fire stick, No Jailbreak tutorials for iPhones and Android apps to watch Live sports for free. It has been a wonderful response from you people, and we want to continue.

But Google has decided to disable our YouTube Channel Monetization & Our AdSense account. This has left us with 2 choices. Either we can stop & abandon all of our work, which we don’t want to do, or we can ask our visitors subscribers for help.

We are not asking you to pay us, instead you can help us by replacing your Amazon Bookmark link with our affiliate link. This way, whenever you will purchase something from Amazon, we will get some change.

Simply visit one of the links given below, which corresponds to your region, and press Ctrl + D to save the bookmark.




Please make sure to share this message with others to help us in this tough time.