Get iPhone XS Enhanced Bokeh Effect on Older iPhone Free

In the September 2018 keynote, Apple announced the new iPhones. Other than hardware upgrades, one software feature that they announced is called the Enhanced Bokah Effect. Basically this feature allows you to change the amount of background blur on portrait mode pictures, after you have captured them. Apple showed that this feature is possible because of their new A12 Bionic chip. Actually, similar feature has already been available for all iPhones by a 3rd-party app. Let’s see how we can get the iPhone XS Enhanced Bokah Effect on older iPhones for free.

Get Enhanced Bokah on old iPhone

The app is called Focos and it is available for free on the app store. You can download it on older iPhones and use it without any issues. They app features a very similar slider that lets you adjust the amount of Bokah that you would like to add to the photo.

This app only works best on iPhones with dual camera setup. This includes the 7 Plus, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max.

Download Focos App on iPhone

Get iPhone XS Enhanced Bokah on old iPhone without Jailbreak

How to use this app

  1. Simply open the Focos app and you will see a camera interface.
  2. Click a picture and then you can go ahead and add the background blur to it using the in-app editor.

Cool thing about this app is that you can simulate very high end lenses which have fast aperture. The background blur looks realistic and it is up to you to make it look good by your creativity.

This is not a sponsored post of something like that. I found out about this app from the YouTube channel iDeviceHelp and thought of sharing it with you guys.


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